1994 Honda Civic budget racecar

FOTD 2016.2.05 (honda civic eg racecar) FINAL* PERFORMANCE coilover suspension
* SSR Type-X wheels
* ADVAN Direzza tires
* MUCH tread still on tires
* FULL straight racing exhaust
* CUSTOM racing headers
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* STILL has air conditioning
* STILL has power steering
* CUSTOM full-bucket driver’s seat
* CUSTOM full-bucket passenger’s seat
* MOMO steering wheel
* 4POINT seatbelts
* 6POINT rollbar
* 12POINT font preferred on professional documents
* REAR upper arms
* FRONT tower bar
* REAR tower bar
* RED custom painted body panels (+20hp)
* BUT DIY paint job (-15hp)
* TIMING belt replaced
* RIGHT front fender dented
* SOMETIMES idle is unstable when cold out
* USUALLY fixes itself after about 5 minutes of warming up
* PRICED to sell!  Seller needs money ASAP.
* ONLY just 166,500km/103,460mi actual!!
* NO floormats
* NO carpeting
* BEEFY custom shifter
* UPGRADED aftermarket audio
* WHITE face gauges
* RACING pedal kit
* AFTERMARKET cupholder (+15hp)

* JPY 350,000
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about:
* USD 2,980
* CAD 4,080
* AUD 4,130
* EUR 2,670
* GBP 2,040
* SGD 4,170
* MYR 12,200

* This information is translated (by a human) from a REAL published advertisement in Japan
* Photos credit: ttxdx253 @ YahooJapan, Leung Cho Pan
* For even more details/photos, go here
* WHAT cars do YOU want to see here?  Leave a comment!
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