1997 Nissan Stagea R34 face RB26DETT

FOTD 2016.2.05 (nissan stagea r34 face) FINAL* MANUAL transmission in a wagon!!
* TWIN turbo
* RB26DETT Skyline GT-R engine
* R34 face swap
* R34 factory six-spoke wheels
* ONLY just 52,000km/32,310mi actual!!* AIR conditioning
* AERO mirrors
* FULL body kit front/back/sides
* ROOF rack
* REAR liftgate spoiler
* TINTED windows
* CONE-type performance air intake
* FRONT bumper lip
* SHOULD have ac/ps/pw/pdl/etc although nothing mentioned
* MODS galore (Seller, Y U no list?!?!)
* ENGINE not inspected but it starts up, so that’s good
* ONE. Million. Yen… if Dr. Evil were Japanese

* JPY 1,000,000
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about:
* USD 8,540
* CAD 11,670
* AUD 11,800
* EUR 7,640
* GBP 5,850
* SGD 11,940
* MYR 35,000

* This information has been translated (by a human) from a REAL published advertisement in Japan
* Photos credit: exporttoworld @ YahooJapan, Leung Cho Pan
* For even more details/photos, go here
* WHAT cars do YOU want to see here?  Leave a comment!
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