Wangan Midnight manga comics vol. 1-30 CHEAP!

FOTD 2016.2.7 (Wangan Midnight) FINAL
Impulse Purchase Alert!!  There’s this used bookstore I walk past every morning on the way to work.  One day, they had this bulk set just laying on the ground outside in the bargain bin.  It was in clean condition and at less than one dollar (USD) per book! I just HAD to get it.  If it were you, would YOU have been able to resist the cheapness??

* JPY 2,000
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about:
* USD 17
* CAD 23
* AUD 24
* EUR 15
* GBP 12
* SGD 24
* MYR 71
* TBT 609

If you don’t like to read, the live action movie and the anime episodes are readily available on youtube.
#Wangan Midnight

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