1981 Toyota Celica XX 2800 GT (Supra)

FOTD 2016.2.12 (celica xx supra) FINAL* 2.8L, I6, 5MT
* ONLY just 331,130km/205,760mi actual!!
* NO major dents/scratches
* NO major oil leaks
* NO white smoke while idling
* NO funny noises from engine (funny how?)* APPEARS to be repaint of factory color
* TIMING belt appears to have been changed
* BODY is not bad
* GOOD base car
* AC, PS, PW
* SOME rust
* CLUTCH doesn’t slip
* CUSTOM mesh wheels
* BRIDGESTONE Potenza tires (about 70% tread remaining)
* MINOR brake shudder
* POWER windows don’t work
* POSSIBLY a bad regulator
* AC compressor doesn’t work
* RETRACTABLE lights work (going up)
* BUT need to be manually pushed down
* DIGITAL display doesn’t work
* SPEEDOMETER, fuel gauge, water temp gauge don’t work
* AFTERMARKET water temp gauge however does work
* ODOMETER also works yay!
* SOME paint fade on hood
* SOME clearcoat peel on hood
* TINY bubble starting to appear in paint
* NO salt damage to undercarriage
* INTERIOR has seen better days
* TEARS in seats
* SAGS in headliner
* DASHBOARD has cracks/warps
* BUT has a dash cover (+10hp)
* AND two cupholders (+15hp each)
* PLUS those big square yellow fogs FTW

* JPY 390,000
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about:
* USD 3,460
* CAD 4,820
* AUD 4,890
* NZD 5,220
* EUR 3,070
* GBP 2,390
* SGD 4,840
* MYR 14,380
* THB 123,180

This information has been translated from a REAL published advertisement in Japan
* Photos credit: yoshi1w @ Yahoo Japan, Leung Cho Pan
* For even more details/photos, go here
* WHAT cars do YOU want to see here? Leave a comment!
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