1995 Toyota Supra pure drag Racecar

FOTD 2016.3.10 (Drag Supra Toyota) FINAL.png* HKS GT3037S turbines
* HKS GT core intercooler
* HKS F-Con V computer
* HKS Hyper Damper suspension
* FULL race-tuned 3.1L motor
* 2.1kg boost
* 9.3 seconds quarter mile ET
* 9.3 seconds of freedom
* MANATEE full pillow arms
* CUSTOM titanium exhaust system
* DUAL side exhaust outlets
* HKS meter set (boost, oil pres, fuel pres, oil temp, exh temp)
* CUSTOM blister fenders
* ZEEK modified front bumper
* INTAKE duct built in headlight cover
* FRP doors
* CARBON hood
* CARBON GT mirrors
* ACRYLIC windows (sides and hatch)
* BURNOUT videos see link below
* TRACK run videos see link below
* OPTION 2 MAGAZINE award car
* WON award at 2002 Sapporo Auto Salon
* LOTS of pics AND videos see link below
* CUSTOM 9L fuel tank
* BONUS parts:
* FREE extra HKS performance suspension
* FREE spare diff case
* JERICO air shifter
* EIGHT years, the car has been sitting, so
* SELLER recommends inspection/overhaul just in case
* PROFESSIONAL Black to Orange gradation paint scheme
* WAXED and fully covered/stored after every drive
* MINOR cracks and scuffs in aero kit
* POWER steering
* NON-smoker’s car
* NO battery
* NO air cannister for transmission
* PICTURED tires/wheels not included
* INSTEAD you’ll get radials w/ PANASPORT G7 wheels
* CUSTOM high-cap surge tank
* CUSTOM 19point roll cage
* SIMPSON drag parachute system
* SIMPSON 5point seatbelt
* SIMPSON homer lisa bart

* JPY 5,000,000
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about:
* USD 44,300
* CAD 59,110
* AUD 59,040
* NZD 65,290
* EUR 40,340
* GBP 31,210
* SGD 61,160
* MYR 182,040
* THB 1,562,770

* We translated this information from a REAL published advertisement in Japan
* Originally from our Spring 2015 Goodbye/Good Buy collection
* Photos credit: dragger.net, Orange-Moon, Leung Cho Pan
* For even more details/photos/VIDEOS, go here
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* Authentic TRD/Tom’s/Toyota apparel and toys coming soon to our store!


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