1991 Mazda RX-7 GTR superclean bargain beast

FOTD 2016.4.6 (Mazda RX7 green FC) FINAL* RE-AMEMIYA sleek-nose conversion
* TRUST exhaust system
* BLITZ blow-off valve
* TEIN front coilovers
* CUSTOM rear coilovers
* EXEDY single plate clutch
* PERFORMANCE tower bar
* VOLK Challenge F-Zero wheels
* MOMO leather-wrapped steering wheel
* CARBON cannards
* CUSTOM blister fenders
* CUSTOM rear bumper
* CUSTOM rear wing
* RE-AMEMIYA headlight kit
* HID low-beam headlights
* HID high-beam headlights
* HID fog lamps
* HID is the past tense of hide
* LED position lamps
* LED license plate lights
* MECHANICAL diff installed
* COMPLETE engine overhaul done at 60,000km
* TURBO relpaced
* RADIATOR replaced
* OIL pump replaced
* COMPUTER replaced
* AC louvers replaced
* CLOCK bezel replaced
* REAR wiper blades replaced
* CLUTCH master cylinder overhauled
* CLUTCH relays overhauled
* HAD oil leak, now fixed
* HAS some cracks in dashboard
* DRIVER’S side power window switch needs replacement
* ONE fog lamp doesn’t work (probably loose connection)
* SOME paint fade
* NOTSURE about floormats, no interior pics…
* REPLACEMENT mirror stay pins x 2 (extra 5,000JPY/40USD)
* REPLACEMENT power window switch (extra 5,000JPY/45USD)
* SELLER will install for free.
* ROADLEGAL (“sha-ken”) inspection & cert (extra 70,000JPY/640USD)
* EMERALD green metallic custom paint
* ONLY 89,000km/53,000mi actual, wow!!!!
* AC, PS, PW, PDL, CD player
* ETC automated highway toll system
* BONUS parts if you want ’em, including:
* FREE!! Aero mirrors
* FREE!! Sparco semi-bucket seats x 2
* FREE!! Mazda stock front fenders
* FREE!! Mazda stock sideskirts
* ENGINE starts everytime, no problems!
* STABLE idle!
* STABLE handling!
* STABLE is where horses live!

JPY 500,000
At today’s exchange rate, that’s about:
USD 4,540
CAD 5,970
AUD 6,000
NZD 6,680
EUR 3,990
GBP 3,220
SGD 6,140
MYR 17,800
THB 160,170

* We translated this information from a REAL published advertisement in Japan.
* Originally from our Summer 2015 Goodbye/Good Buy collection.
* Rare Mazda and Mazdaspeed apparel/toys/accessories coming soon to our store!
* Share with someone who needs this car.
* Let us know what cars YOU want us to post!



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