1992 Mazda RX-7 Toretto Edition

FOTD 2016.6.23(mazda rx-7 fnf toretto) FINAL* VEILSIDE full aero kit
* FLUSH headlight conversion
* ALUMINUM radiator
* TEIN coilover suspension
* SUSPENSION adjustable from interior
* VEILSIDE Andrew-F 18inch wheels
* CUSTOM exhaust
* FEED 300km/h speedometer
* DOUBLE clutch Continue reading

Is this the new Silvia?

NOTD 2016.6.18 (New Silvia) FINAL

A recent article reports that Nissan began working on a lightweight sports coupe, and makes the following forecasts:
* 2-liter NA & turbo
* platform shared with the future Fairlady Z
* aimed to compete with the 86/BRZ
* perhaps also a sedan version
* June 2021 release date
* expected price: Continue reading