1994 Toyota MR2 GT-S Clean 90s Fun

FOTD 2016.6.14 (Toyota MR2 Cabron) FINAL* KSS-overhauled engine
* HIGH-flow upgraded turbine

* HKS exhaust
* APEXi air cleaner
* BILSTIEN suspension
* CUSCO pillow uppers
* CUSCO front tower bar
* CUSCO rear tower bar
* COSTCO wholesale warehouse
* ENKEI NT03 wheels
* F:17x7J, R:17x9J
* UPGRADED brake pads
* STAINLESS mesh brake hosing
* SARD fuel regulator
* OIL catch tank
* NO repair history
* FULL repaint (original color)
* CARBON-like hood
* CARBON-like rear wing
* CARBON-like side mirrors
* CARBON-like rear garnish
* CABRON pinche pendejo guey
* AIRWALKER full aero kit (no cracks)
* HID headlights
* CUSTOM keyless entry
* MOMO steering wheel
* HKS EVC5 control installed in AC vent
* BOOST gauge
* TOYOTA original DVD navigation
* PANASONIC auto toll payment ETC system
* HAS owner’s manual
* HAS spare tire
* HAS floormats with cool wavy 90s pattern
* 2.0L, 5MT, turbo
* CLEAN exterior
* CLEAN interior
* CLEAN engine bay
* SUPER Red II factory paint
* ONLY just 65,000km/40,390mi!!
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* FORMER owner was a smoker
* BUT interior throughly and professionally cleaned
* NO more tobacco smell
* NO funny noises from engine
* REVS great (smoothly to redline)
* ENGINE works great (all parts cleaned before rebuild)
* LSD works great (the differential, not the drug)

JPY 1,080,000
USD 10,190
CAD 13,100
AUD 13,840
NZD 14,520
EUR 9,070
GBP 7,200
SGD 13,800
MYR 41,730
THB 359,100


* We translated this information from a REAL published advertisement in Japan
* Photos: muni_neko @ YahooJapan, Leung Cho Pan
* For even more details/photos, go here
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