1996 Nissan 180SX Type-R track car

FOTD 2016.7.29 (NIssan 180sx white) FINAL
* S14 turbine
* KTS dual front pipe
* TRUST outlet
* TRUST aluminum piping
* CUSTOM carbon/aluminum air intake cover
* P10 Primera cams
* TOMEI rocker arm stoppers
* METAL sports cat
* GPSPORTS Exas EVO Tune exhaust
* HPI intercooler
* HPI aluminum piping
* HPI air cleaner
* HP inkjet printer
* Z32 airflow meter Continue reading

Brad Pitt’s Integra commercial

In the 90s, Burapi (Brad Pitt’s  nickname in Japan) was all over TV hawking Edwin blue jeans and the Honda Integra.  There were several versions of the Integra commercial, links below.  Feverishly high-energy and totally random, he finishes off each ad with tagline of “Integra, Nottegra, HONDA!!”  WTF…

Fact 2016.7.25 (Brad Pitt Integra) FINALo0800142212933022657p1

T-shirts and ice cream:

Running late!

Behind the scenes / making of: