1998 Nissan Skyline GT-T wallet saver

FOTD 2017.4.28 (white r34 sedan GTT) FINAL* 2.5L DOHC I-6 single turbo
* BLITZ front pipe
* BLITZ blow off valve
* CUSTOM front mount intercooler
* 2WAY limited slip diff
* C’S quick shift kit
* 90Φ dual exhaust
* SARD metal cat
* UPGRADED fuel pump
* FRP lightweight hood w/ pins
* STOCK hood included
* SPIN turn knob
* EYELINE garnish on headlights
* PARSLEY garnish on dinner plate
* MOMO steering wheel
* LED taillights
* BRIDE seats
* WAS drifted, but only a few times
* ABS anti-lock braking system
* ABS achieved from crunches/sit-ups
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1992 Suzuki Cappucino KRC Factory democar

FOTD 2017.4.28 (KRC Cappucino black) FINAL* F6A Turbo kei engine
* TRUST Profec-B electronic boost controller
* ONLY just 700kg dry weight
* ABOUT 110HP from 660cc engine
* EASILY runs with 2-liter cars
* CUSTOM full-range ECU
* RACING plug cords
* NGK type-9 plugs
* KRC 70A high-capacity alternator
* MONSTER Tajima F100 big turbo kit
* ALUMINUM 2-row radiator
* ADJUSTABLE air/fuel ratio
* FULLY balanced
* DENSO 12 hole injectors
* UPGRADED injectors
* UPGRADED computer Continue reading

1982 Isuzu Piazza museum-spec collector’s car

FOTD 2017.4.27 (Isuzu Piazza Ivory) FINAL* 2.0L, 5MT, RWD
* GUIGIARO designed styling
* SEMI exposed retractable headlights
* SINGLE blade front wiper
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* ONLY just 110,660km/68,760mi actual
* FAN belt replaced
* GENERATOR replaced
* WATER pump assemply replaced
* EXTERIOR excellent
* SEATS plush
* CARPETS great
* FLOORMATS installed
* INTERIOR excellent
* TINY warp in dash panel
* TINY rips in upholstery
* TINY lister jr was deebo Continue reading

1997 Toyota Century V12 ultimate VIP car

FOTD 2017.4.26 (Century lavender) FINAL* 4.9L 1GZ-FE engine (Japan’s ONLY 12cyl)
* DOHC, 280+ hp
* RARE 8M3 Lavender Mica factory color
* LARGUS coilover suspension (new!)
* LARGUS dampening unit (control from interior)
* BBS LM style 20inch wheels
* NANKANG NS-20 tires (brand new! only 50km on!)
* ALPINE six disc CD/DVD changer
* ALPINE interior monitor
* AUTOCOUTURE full aero kit
* CUSTOM one-off exhaust
* 12CYL exhaust note awesome!
* WOOD combi steering
* HID lighting conversion
* REAR upper arms replaced
* STABILIZER link replaced
* CAR purchased Sept. 2016 (completely stock)
* ALL mods done within past eight months Continue reading

2007 Nissan GT-R Pure Ed. near 1000hp

FOTD 201.4.26 (GTR 35 Phoenix) FINAL* PHOENIX Power company democar
* AWARDED Best Tuning Car at 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon
* ACHIEVED 356.994km/h at Nardo Max Speed Attack
* OVER 20 million yen (about $200K USD) invested
* JUN 4.0L custom engine kit
* JUN camshafts 272°IN/EX
* JUN reinforced valve springs
* JUN titanium retainers
* JUN phosphor bronzed guides
* JUN big throttle kit
* JUN short head EX type
* JUN GT surge tank prototype
* JUN also the abbreviated form of June
* TRUST delivery pipe
* TRUST type 29 intercooler
* TRUST RX1200 turbine kit
* TRUST TD06 SH25G10cm2*2 turbo
* SARD 295L/h fuel pumps
* ORIGINAL 1200cc injectors
* MODIFIED electric fuel delivery
* AUXILLIARY oil cooler
* TRANSMISSION overhauled and reinforced
* ARAGOSTA 3-way adjustable coilover kit w/ cups
* ALCON monoblock brake kit
* RAYS G25 Edge wheels
* ADVAN A08B 285/35ZR20
* HKS Kansai Service floormats Continue reading

1988 Nissan Fairlady 300ZX Shiro twin-turbo

FOTD 2017.4.25 (Z31 Fairlady Shiro) FINAL
* RARE Shiro Special edition (less than 1,100 produced)
* LIMITED North American spec (USDM yo!)
* Z32 VGDETT engine swapped
* NO intercooler (due to lack of space)
* KAMINARI body kit
* OVER 1.5 million yen invested
* VISCOUS limited slip diff
* 3.70.1 gearing
* TRIPLE stage Moon Glow Pearl White paint
* CAR professionally built/maintained by Z specialist shop
* SHOP pros in engine swaps for reliability (not for drift/race)
* THEREFORE good daily driver
* ALSO good for long distance
* ALSO good for winding/touge
* ALSO is synonym for and/in addition to
* COILOVER suspenion
* BLACK mesh 17inch racing wheels
* FRONT 8J, rear 9J
* FIVE speed manual transmission
* ONLY 3,000km driven since swap
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1998 Toyota Chaser Tourer-V event-ready

FOTD 2017.4.24 2 (Chaser fender VIP) FINAL* 1JZGTE 2.5L DOHC turbo 280HP
* 5SPEED manual trans (factory, not a swap)
* RACING front mount intercooler
* HKS EVC unit
* APEXi Power FC computer w/ Commander
* SHORT knuckles
* KOUKI body style
* ORIGINAL aero kit
* FACTORY sunroof
* PROFESSIONAL fender widening
* CUSTOM Airex digital air suspension
* WORK Seeker 18inch wheels
* F: 10.5J -36, R: 11.5J +46
* NANKANG 265/35 tires
* HEADLIGHTS smoked by pro shop
* TAILLIGHTS smoked by pro shop
* FERRARI smoked by Brian’s Supra Continue reading

1981 Nissan Fairlady 280ZX Manhattan T-Bar

FOTD 2017.4.21 (Fairlady 280ZX s130) FINAL

* ONLY just 21,456km/13,330mi actual (wow!!)
* BELONGS in museum or time capsule
* IMMACULATE black & silver two-tone paint
* 2.0L and 5MT
* PRISTINE condition
* SUPER clean exterior
* SUPER clean interior
* FAIRLY clean underbody (tiny spot of rust)
* NOTSO clean engine bay (no problems, just dirty)
* URETHANE rear spoiler like new (still soft!)
* SO 80s liftback louvers
* SO 80s T-bar roof
* DUNLOP Ensave tires
* RARE zenki black interior
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading