2003 Subaru R2 supercharged

FOTD 2017.9.28 (Subaru R2 blue SC) FINAL* SUPERCHARGED & intercooled kei engine
* ESPILIR sport lowered suspension
* R1 factory 6-spoke alloy wheels
* PRISM blue metallic
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* SPARE tire intact
* AWESOME torque
* FAST acceleration
* EASILY can compete with Fits/Swifts/similar
* AWESOME fuel economy
* CURRENT owner bought from original owner
* CURRENT owner owned since Oct. 2016
* CURRENT owner had grand plans to modifiy
* CURRENT owner just bought another car
* CURRENT owner has no more funds for mods
* CURRENT a directional flow of water or air
* FACTORY optional HID headlights
* FACTORY optional aero front skirt
* FACTORY optional rear roof spoiler
* ONLY just 147,290km/91,520mi actual
* AUTO air conditioner
* PS, PW, PDL, Keyless entry
* ETC automated highway toll system
* STEERING was slightly off previously
* STEERING wheel replaced (problem fixed)
* HIGH kelvin bulbs
* IPF yellow LED fog light bulbs
* LED position lights
* LED license plate lights
* LED interior lighting
* LED is the past tense of verb lead
* WHEEL wells cleaned
* REAR drums coated with protectant
* PIONEER Carrozzeria audio
* HDMI input
* ML cables
* ETC automated highway toll system
* MINOR dings and scratches but not noticeable
* MINOR rock chips on hood and front bumper
* MINOR scuffs on front lip
* MINOR rock chips in windshield but no cracks
* WHEELWELLS and surrounding areas cleaned
* REAR drum parts coated with chassis black
* INTERIOR clean
* DRIVER’S side floormat worn from shoe heel
* DRIVER’S side weatherstripping worn out
* STAINS (probably coffee) in front/rear carpeting
* STEAM cleaned but still visible
* HOLE in driver’s seat (weight reduction, bro)
* NO rear floormats (weight reduction, bro)
* SOME cracks in interior plastic trim
* ORIGINAL owner smoked in car
* CURRENT owner is a non-smoker
* CIGARETTE smell not noticeable
* HEADLINER also steam cleaned
* ALL maintenance records included
* OWNER’S manual included
* TIMING belt replaced
* ALL maintenance done at Subaru dealer
* DUNLOP Enesave EC202 tires
* ORIGINAL factory 4-spoke alloys if you want
* OLD tires (bald Potenzas) if you want
* OIL filter replaced
* CVT fluid changed
* BRAKE pads replaced
* BRAKE fluid replaced
* BRAKE yo self foo
* RIGHT stabilink replaced
* RIGHT lower arm boot replaced
* AIR filter replaced
* RADIATOR cap replaced
* SLIGHT oil seepage stain
* BUT no oil dripping
* ENGINE oil changed
* COOLANT changed
* DAMPERS changed (R1 factory units)
* PAMPERS changed (baby made a poopie)

* JPY 198,000
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about:
* USD 1,750
* CAD 2,190
* AUD 2,243
* NZD 2,440
* EUR 1,490
* GBP 1,310
* PLN 6,450
* SGD 2,390
* MYR 7,410
* THB 58,540
* PHP 89,360
* IDR 23,737,200

* We translated this info from a REAL published advertisement in Japan
* Info/photos credit: mscars_shouzui @ Yahoo Japan, Leung Cho Pan
* For even more details/photos, the original listing is here
* WHAT cars do YOU want to see here? Leave a comment!
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