Word of the Day: Subarist

WOTD 3.16.2018 (subarist) FIN 2

Daily Japanese lesson!
Today: スバリスト(Subarist), is a term coined by Subaru themselves, and was publicly introduced during the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013. This term is defined quite elaborately on Subaru’s official website, and it goes far beyond meaning simply a “Subaru fan” (though written as such in the image due to space constraint). Subaru wishes the public to understand the company’s carbuilding passion behind the creation of their vehicles. In turn, the company is aware that Subaru owners are truly a special breed who
both understand and fully appreciate the joy attained in the act of enthusiastic driving. Hence, the company has created this concept of a Subarist community so that these passionate owners can identify with other like-minded individuals while sharing this excitement for life/driving together…and PERHAPS, as an added bonus, the company possibly can earn a few yen peddling newly-branded Subarist stickers, Zippo lighters, tote-bags, flip-flop sandals, and other logo consumer products via their corporate online shop…?

Subaru makes cars for enthusiastic owners.
Subaru makes new community for enthusiastic owners.
Subaru makes trinkets printed w/ community logo and sells to enthusiastic owners.

So, what JDM word(s) do YOU want to learn? Keep sending in your suggestions!

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