Today’s word ステッカーチューン, is comprised of ステッカー/SUTEKKAA (sticker) and
チューン/CHUUN (tuning) and means adding decals for decorative purposes, often used for hobby items such as:
自動車/JIDOUSHA (car)
バイク/BAIKU (motorcycle)
ギター/GITAA (guitar)
スノボ/SUNOBO (snowboard)
スマホ/SUMAHO (smartphone)
パソコン/PASOKON (personal computer)
タックルボックス/TAKKURU BOKKUSU (fishing/tackle box)
クーラーボックス/KOORAH BOKKUSU (cooler box/drink cooler)

In the automotive world, SUTEKKAA is sometimes called バイナル/BAINARU (vinyl) or バイナルグラフィック/BAINARU GURAFIKKU (vinyl graphics) but, in most cases, these BAINARU-related terms are more associated with 痛車/ITASHA (anime/manga-themed decorated cars) and the スポコン/SUPOKON (sport compact) movement which imitates the early films of ワイルドスピード/WAIRUDO SUPEEDO (Fast & Furious a.k.a. “Wild Speed” in Japan). SUTEKKAA CHUUN on a car can (subjectively) increase both visual appeal and, though still not scientifically proven, the engine’s 馬力/BARIKI (horsepower) or possibly the driver’s DORA-TEKU (driving techniques)…??

FYI: Other words with CHUUN include:
ライトチューン/RAITO CHUUN = light tuning
フルチューン/FURU CHUUN = full tuning
メカチューン/MEKA CHUUN = NA tuning
デチューン/DEH CHUUN = de-tuning

New JDM words/info added daily, keep checking this page!   Any requests/suggestions, let us know!

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