Daily JDM Word: Ichi-Go!

WOTD 2018.4.7 (ichigo)Today’s word イチゴ/ICHI-GO is comprised of イチ/ICHI (one) and ゴ/GO (five), and refers to the S15 generation (1999-2002) of the Silvia line.  Similarly, previous Silvias and some other popular tuning vehicles also have nicknames based on the numbers in their chassis codes.
Silvia S13 イチサン/ICHI-SAN (one three)
Silvia S14 イチヨン/ICHI-YON (one four)
Skyline R32 サン二/SAN-NI (three two)
Skyline R33……サンサン/SAN-SAN (three three)
Skyline R34 サンヨン/SAN-YON (three four)
Levin/Trueno AE85 ハチゴ/HACHI-GO (eight five)
Levin/Trueno AE86 ハチロク/HACHI-ROKU (eight six)

Counting 1-10 in Japanese
1 = イチ (Ichi)
2 = 二 (Ni)
3 = サン (San)
4 = ヨン (Yon)
5 = ゴ (Go)
6 = ロク (Roku)
7 = ナナ (Nana) or sometimes シチ (Shichi)
8 = ハチ (Hachi)
9 = キュウ  (Kyuu) or sometimes ク (Ku)
10 = ジュウ (Jyuu) or sometimes ト (To)

…more advanced counting techniques and car nicknames coming soon!

Click here to read the post regarding the numbering/order of generations such as first-gen Lan-Evo, sixth-gen Civic, seventh-gen iPhone, etc…

TRIVIA: ICHIGO (イチゴ or 苺) means strawberry , which is why an S13 with an S15 front end conversion is sometimes called Strawberry Face.


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