Tomica minicar chocolates

Fact 2016.3.25 (Tomica Chocolate) FINAL.png

* Renowned Japanese die-cast minicar manufacturer Tomica also released 1/64 scale minicars made of 100% chocolate.
* Individual units retailed for  JPY 525 at a local Toys-R-Us in the Tokyo suburbs.
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about USD 4.40, CAD 5.85, AUD 5.90, NZD 6.60, EUR 3.95, GBP 3.10.
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Mitsubishi Cider sparkling beverage

FOTD 2016.3.2 (Mitsubishi Cider) FINAL* Refreshing consumers since 1972
* SOLD mostly around Kyushu (southern Japan)
* STRONG carbonation
* DRY aftertaste
* GOOD mixer with Shochu/vodka (company website really says this)
* 350ml/12oz can serving Continue reading

Find and Eat a Subaru

Suburu Snack Ottotto FINAL 2

While strolling through the local neighborhood pharmacy to get some sundries and whatnot, I spotted these limited-edition “Ottotto”.  Ottotto is a long-loved vegetable/consomme-flavored crunchy snack, shaped like dolphins, penguins, squids and other friendly sea creatures. Now, in a collaboration with Tomica, it’s possible (if you’re lucky) that there may be a vehicle-shaped snack inside the box (policecar, helicopter, power shovel, cargo truck, or THIS WRC IMPREZA).
Cost of one box:
* JPY 93
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about:
* USD 0.73
* CAD 1.09
* AUD 1.10
* EUR 0.71
* GBP 0.54
* SGD 1.11
* MYR 3.29