* 2001 Honda S2000 Type-V Spoon Suspension

FOTD 2018.6.14 (Spoon S2000 yellow)* SPOON lowering sport springs
* SPOON tower bar for handling
* SPOON used to eat cereal
* INDY Yellow Pearl exterior
* 6SPEED manual transmission
* AERO rear spoiler
* AERO front spoiler
* AERO plane another name for airplane
* FACTORY Kouki bumper
* PERFORMANCE exhaust (titanium?)
* ONLY just 183,120km/113,790mi actual
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* CUSTOM horn (+15hp) Continue reading

1996 Honda Del Sol Si-R

FOTD 2018.5.15 (del Sol MT SI-R)* B16A DOHC VTEC (yo)
* 5SPEED manual transmission (rare!)
* MUGEN exhaust (has a dent)
* GOTHAM city (has harvey dent)
* LSD installed
* GREDDY radiator
* PLUG cords
* MUGEN oil cap
* FRONT tower bar
* REAR tower bar
* CUSTOM head cover
* CUSTOM exhaust manifold
* TYPE-R titanium shift knob (weight reduction, bro)
* MOMO steering wheel Continue reading

1996 Honda Integra Type-R Spoon’d

FOTD 2018.4.4 (yellow ITR)* DOHC 1.8L VTEC (yo)
* UNMODIFIED factory engine
* MUGEN air cleaner
* 98SPEC final gearing
* TODA racing metal clutch kit
* RAYS Volk TE37 f:8J, r:7J
* CUSCO Zero-3 coilovers
* ALUMINUM wide-type 2-row radiator
* FRONT tower bar
* REAR tower bar
* SIDE tower bar (you reading? just checking)
* MUGEN Active Gate brake system
* 6POINT roll bar for safety
* 11POINT font for biz documents
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Daily JDM Word: Maru-Meh!

WOTD 2018.3.27 (marume) FIN

Today’s word 丸目/MARU-MEH (round headlight) is comprised of the characters 丸/MARU (round) and 目/MEH (eye), often used as a nickname for such cars including the New Age/Bug-Eye Impreza, as well as the early DC2 Integra.

MARU-MEH written:
* in Kanji (丸目)
* in Hiragana (まるめ)
* in Katakana (マルメ)

Other related words include:
涙目/NAMIDA-MEH = Tear Eye (e.g. Blobeye Impreza)
鷹目/TAKA-MEH = Hawk Eye (e.g. Hawkeye Impreza)
横目/YOKO-MEH = Side/Long Light (e.g. Kouki DC2 Integra)
4灯/YON-TOH = Four Light (e.g. Zenki DC2 Integra)
6灯/ROKU-TOH = Six Light (e.g. Dangun DC2 Integra)

BTW: the Casablanca Impreza also has some MARU-MEH…they were not popular and are sometimes sold for next to nothing…like this example, which is probably the cheapest “Good Buy or Goodbye” we’ve found so far!

Word of the Day: Zero-Yon

WOTD 3.14.2018 (zeroyon) FIN 3

Daily Japanese lesson! What do YOU want to learn?

Today: ゼロヨン. Comprised of ゼロ(zeh-ro: Zero) and ヨン (yohn: Four), short for a 0-400m drag race. 400 meters calculates to 1,312 feet, so it’s slightly less than the actual quarter-mile (1,320 feet). However, since Japan utilizes the metric system for units of measurement, they refer to the quarter mile as the 0-400 …similar to how Metric France refers to the Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese as the Royale w/ Cheese.

1987 Honda Civic Si Kanjo racer

FOTD 2018.2.22 (EF Civic Kanjo) FINAL* MUGEN engine mounts
* MUGEN transmission mounts
* FUJITSUBO headers
* SKUNK2 aluminum radiator
* KINOKUNI oil cooler
* ONEOFF sports charger
* ONEOFF upper hosing
* ONEOFF lower hosing
* TAKEOFF your clothes
* RG HS dampers f:14, r:12
* MUGEN MR5 wheels
* KANSAI paint PG80 series
* LOW 42sec lap at Suzuka G-Course
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

1997 Honda Integra Type-R

FOTD 2018.2.16 (97 Integra Type R)
* DOHC 1.8L VTEC (yo)
* KTS coilover suspension
* SPOON center pipe
* SPOON rear window decal (+15hp)
* PERFORMANCE exhaust manifold
* TOYO Proxes R1R high-grip tires
* TOWER bar
* UPGRADED radiator cap
* UPGRADED green valve cover
* 35φ deep type steering wheel
* MESH brake hosing
* SPC front upper arms
* FENDER housed support bracing bar
* NGK plug cords
* 5ZIGEN (probably) exhaust manifold
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
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1994 Honda Beat Z Version (MTREC, yo!)

FOTD 2018.1.29 (beat version z green)* RWD. 5spd MT, mid-engine 660cc kei
* Multi-Throttle Responsive Engine Control 3cyl
* MUGEN exhaust
* BBS wheels
* ONLY just 760kg (1,675 lbs)
* ECU overhauled
* LAST car approved by Soichiro Honda
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* EVERGLADE Green Metallic paint
* ONLY just 140,000km/86,990miles actual
* REAR wheel drive
* REAR decklid spoiler
* MUDGUARDS installed
* POWER windows
* ETC automated highway toll system
* FACTORY zebra print interior
* FACTORY zebra print floormats Continue reading

1991 Honda NSX show NA1

FOTD 2017.11.28 (electric blue NSX lambo door) FINAL
* 3.0L DOHC VTEC (yo)
* 5SPEED manual transmission (originally AT)
* CAM upgrade
* COILOVER suspension
* RUNS great
* PERFORMANCE engine wiring
* BBS gold LM wheels
* CUSTOM peformance exhaust
* INNER silencer included in exhaust
* REAR wing upgrade
* LAMBO style door conversion
* RETRACTABLE lights in fixed position
* ONLY just 115,170km/71,560mi actual Continue reading