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Brad Pitt’s Integra commercial

In the 90s, Burapi (Brad Pitt’s  nickname in Japan) was all over TV hawking Edwin blue jeans and the Honda Integra.  There were several versions of the Integra commercial, links below.  Feverishly high-energy and totally random, he finishes off each ad with tagline of “Integra, Nottegra, HONDA!!”  WTF…

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T-shirts and ice cream:

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Tomica minicar chocolates

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* Renowned Japanese die-cast minicar manufacturer Tomica also released 1/64 scale minicars made of 100% chocolate.
* Individual units retailed for  JPY 525 at a local Toys-R-Us in the Tokyo suburbs.
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about USD 4.40, CAD 5.85, AUD 5.90, NZD 6.60, EUR 3.95, GBP 3.10.
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