Daily JDM Word: Keiryouka!

WOTD 4.3.2018 (keiryouka)Today’s word: KEIRYOUKA, means weight reduction. Comprised of the characters
軽/KEI = light
量/RYOU = amount/weight
化/KA = transform/change

Some methods of KEIRYOUKA:
1) Remove components such as エアコン/EH-AH-KON (air con), オーディオ/OH-DEE-O (audio),
ドア内張/DOH-AH-UCHI-BARI (inner door panels).
2) Install lighter alternatives such as フルバケ/FURU-BAKEH (full bucket seats), a チタン/CHI-TAN (titanium) exhaust, 鍛造/TAN-ZOU (forged) wheels, etc.
3) Get a 散髪/SAN-PATSU (haircut)

KEIRYOUKA written in:
* Kanji: 軽量化
* Hiragana: けいりょうか
* Katakana: ケイリョウカ

Bonus Fact: You know those little 660cc Japanese “kei” cars? That is the same 軽/KEI (lightweight) as above.




1994 Mitsubishi GTO big cruiser bruiser

FOTD 2017.3.28 (Black GTO) FINAL* ONLY just 149,000km/92,590mi actual
* MILLEMIGLIA 18inch wheels
* BRIDGESTONE Potenza 050 tires (20% tread)
* CLARION NX308 navigation
* KYB Shop original coilover suspension
* FRONT 4step damping adjustment
* REAR 8step damping adjustment
* ZEES dual outlet exhaust (streetlegal)
* MOMO steering wheel w/ AutoCruise button
* NGK sparkplugs
* LED bulbs
* LED foglights Continue reading