2005 Toyota Celica ZZT SSI

FOTD 2018.6.7 (celica ZZT 130)

* TEIN H.Tech springs (rare!)
* RAYS TE37 forged 16inch wheels
* CONTINENTAL MC5 205/50 (80% tread)
* TRD Version-S exhaust
* TRD Elegant Sports sideskirts
* TRD Sports-M rear bumper w/ rear fog
* TRD Sports-M rear wing
* OPTIONAL Black Mica exterior
* GLOVE compartment mounted ETC system
* ALPINE amplified subwoofer
* TWO tone seats (ash grey & black) Continue reading


Daily JDM Word: Mecha-Tune

WOTD 3.22.2018 (mechatune)

Daily Japanese Lesson!  Today’s word: メカチューン is a combination of the words メカニカル/Meh-kah-ni-kah-ru (Mechanical) and チューニング/Chuu-nin-gu (Tuning).  As the name implies, this refers to naturally-aspirated engine internal upgrades and modifications in order to increase power without the addition of a ターボチャージャー/Tah-bo-chaa-jyaa (Turbocharger) or a スーパーチャージャー/Soo-pah-chaa-jyaa (Supercharger) .

Side notes:
1) メカ/Meh-ka also refers to a genre of anime primarily focusing on robots/robotic-suits such as Robotech, Gundam, Voltron and the like.

2) メチャ/Meh-cha can be used as an adjective with a similar meaning to the English words “very”, “totally”, etc… as in:
メチャ速い/Meh-cha Ha-ya-i: very fast
メチャ遅い/Meh-cha O-so-i: very slow
メチャ低い/Meh-cha Hi-ku-i: very low (as in price, rank, budget, stance)
メチャ高い/Meh-cha Ta-ka-i: very high (as in price, rank, budget, stance…but not used for state of intoxication, hallucination, inebriation, etc)

2001 Toyota Celica SS-2 drift RWD coversion

FOTD 2017.10.19 (rwd drift celica) FINAL* FEATURED in Drift Tengoku mag (July 2017)
* 2ZZ-GE remounted (horizontal→longitudinal)
* INTAKE manifold modified
* THROTTLE body relocated
* DIY suction pipe
* STOCK exhaust manifold modified
* DIY exhaust
* BUILT for drift
* BASE info: ZZT31 SS2 normal strut
* SXE10 Altezza 6speed transmission
* WELDED transmission housing
* CUSTOM clutch cover
* SX70 clutch disc
* PILOT bearing installed
* SXE10 30mm shortened propellor shaft
* GX110 propellor shaft x 2
* SXE10 Torsen limited slip diff
* FINAL gearing 4.3
* ALPHARD (ANH15W) right driveshaft
* CALDINA (ST195G) left driveshaft
* TEIN front coilovers Continue reading

1990 Toyota Celica GT-Four AWD

FOTD 2017.10.10 (celica Gt-four st185) FINAL* 3S-GTE DOHC 16V intercooled turbo
* RARE wine red color
* OPTIONAL factory parts
* OPTIONAL factory type-II window
* OPTIONAL factory aero
* EXTRA taillights included
* EXTRA front blinkers included
* FACTORY sunroof
* TINTED windows
* REAR hatch visor
* WORK(?) five spoke wheels
* COLORMATCHED aero mudguards
* ONLY just 124,918km/77,620mi actual Continue reading

1984 Toyota Celica GT-R rally spec

FOTD 2017.6.13 (Celica A60 GT-r rally) FINAL* 4AG twin-cam engine
* RARE model
* ONLY just 99,820km/62,030mi actual
* RALLY mudflaps
* RALLY foglights
* MOMO steering wheel
* OZ type rally wheels
* OZ the wizard of
* AIR conditioning
* FRONT tower bar
* AUX meter cluster on dash
* AFTERMARKET electric fan
* FLOORMATS installed
* POWER windows
* POWER door locks
* POWER steering
* 041 Toyota White factory paint
* PAINT no longer glossy but still good
* SIDESKIRTS missing (weight reduction, bro?) Continue reading

Eddie Murphy: 5th gen Celica spokesperson

Fact 2017.4.13 (Eddie Murphy Celica) FINAL

Actual quotes from the commercials:

* Have YOU tried the new Celica?

Look at the glamorous styling!

Feel the music of the GOKIGEN* ten speaker super live sound system!
* good-feeling

Listen to it!!!

AAAAHHHHH!!! ← trademark Eddie scream

Who will be the first to take a ride in the new Celica?

You better order one now, you’re gonna miss the boat…WAKATTA* ?!?!
* get it?!  you understand?!

Commercials on youtube ↓