1992 Suzuki Cappucino KRC Factory democar

FOTD 2017.4.28 (KRC Cappucino black) FINAL* F6A Turbo kei engine
* TRUST Profec-B electronic boost controller
* ONLY just 700kg dry weight
* ABOUT 110HP from 660cc engine
* EASILY runs with 2-liter cars
* CUSTOM full-range ECU
* RACING plug cords
* NGK type-9 plugs
* KRC 70A high-capacity alternator
* MONSTER Tajima F100 big turbo kit
* ALUMINUM 2-row radiator
* ADJUSTABLE air/fuel ratio
* FULLY balanced
* DENSO 12 hole injectors
* UPGRADED injectors
* UPGRADED computer Continue reading


2007 Nissan GT-R Pure Ed. near 1000hp

FOTD 201.4.26 (GTR 35 Phoenix) FINAL* PHOENIX Power company democar
* AWARDED Best Tuning Car at 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon
* ACHIEVED 356.994km/h at Nardo Max Speed Attack
* OVER 20 million yen (about $200K USD) invested
* JUN 4.0L custom engine kit
* JUN camshafts 272┬░IN/EX
* JUN reinforced valve springs
* JUN titanium retainers
* JUN phosphor bronzed guides
* JUN big throttle kit
* JUN short head EX type
* JUN GT surge tank prototype
* JUN also the abbreviated form of June
* TRUST delivery pipe
* TRUST type 29 intercooler
* TRUST RX1200 turbine kit
* TRUST TD06 SH25G10cm2*2 turbo
* SARD 295L/h fuel pumps
* ORIGINAL 1200cc injectors
* MODIFIED electric fuel delivery
* AUXILLIARY oil cooler
* TRANSMISSION overhauled and reinforced
* ARAGOSTA 3-way adjustable coilover kit w/ cups
* ALCON monoblock brake kit
* RAYS G25 Edge wheels
* ADVAN A08B 285/35ZR20
* HKS Kansai Service floormats Continue reading

1994 Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny democar

FOTD 2017.3.29 (RX7 Rocketbunny) FINAL* FORMER Rocket Bunny demo car
* HKS T04Z turbo kit
* TRUST intercooler
* 380HP at current settings
* 400HP+ if settings changed
* CAST metal exhaust manifold (strong!)
* OSGIKEN twin plate clutch
* CUSCO 2way LSD
* AIR pump removed
* APEXi Power FC unit
* RECARO SPG seats (no tears)
* BATTERY relocated to interior
* 7POINT roll cage for safety
* 11POINT font for business documents Continue reading