2002 Toyota MRS S-Edition

FOTD 2018.6.8 (mr2 mrs black)
* DOHC 16V 1.8L mid-engine RWD manual
* APEXI Power FC (professional settings)
* BLITZ coilover suspension
* SWIFT springs
* APEXI air intake
* TODA lightened flywheel
* TRD heavy-duty clutch kit
* QUAIFE helical limited slip diff
* AMUSE extended exhaust manifold
* AMUSE you like a clown funny how?
* TRD engine mounts
* CUSCO under bracing
* TOWER bar for handling
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Word of the Day: Tsuru Tsuru

WOTD 3.15.2018 (tsuru tsuru) FIN 2

Daily Japanese lesson! What do YOU want to learn?

Today: ツルツル (tsuru-tsuru) describes surfaces which both appear to be, and actually are, smooth, slippery, and the like. Icy winter roads are tsuru-tsuru. Worn-out tires are tsuru-tsuru. Waxed floors, billiard balls, ramen noodles and Hobbs’/Dom’s heads are all tsuru-tsuru.

1994 Nissan IMPUL R33-R Skyline rare

FOTD 2017.3.13 (IMPUL R33) FINAL
* ONLY 200 ever produced
* NUMBER 81/200 official plate
* FULLY original
* NO mods
* IMPUL front grille
* IMPUL front bumper
* IMPUL sideskirts
* IMPUL rear bumper
* IMPUL rear lid spoiler
* IMPUL rear garnish covers
* IMPUL rear fender trim
* IMPUL 6-spoke RS wheels 17″
* IMPUL struts
* IMPUL springs
* IMPUL strut tower bar
* IMPUL front/rear stabilizers
* IMPUL exhaust
* IMPUL meter panel
* IMPUL steering wheel
* IMPUL shift knob
* IMPUL pedals
* IMPUL seats
* IMPUL ashtray
* IMPUL sivshopper buy now
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