1998 Subary Legacy B4 BE5 MT

FOTD 2017.6.3 (Legacy manual sedan black) FINAL* 2.0L, intercooled turbo 5MT AWD
* SEDAN body (not wagon)
* GREDDY E-Manage engine controller
* GREDDY Profec-B boost controller
* AIR filter upgraded
* SYMS exhaust manifold
* ZEROSPORTS super metal front pipe
* ZEROSPORTS super metal center pipe
* BLITZ Nur-Spec exhaust w/ inner silencer modification
* TRIAL Tri-Force front bumper
* CUSTOM aero sideskirts
* CARBON GT-wing (GDB8 spec)
* LARGUS Spec-S coilover suspension
* CUSCO front tower bar
* CUSCO rear tower bar
* CUSTOM rear frame end bar
* CUSTOM lower front arm bar
* 22B front calipers
* ENDLESS CC-rg front brake pads
* ENDLESS CC-rg rear brake pads
* STAINLESS mesh brake hose
* FACTORY 17inch wheels Continue reading


2000 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 RS

FOTD 2017.4.17 (Lan Evo 7 white) FINAL

* FULL aero kit
* MARCE misfiring system
* TRUST boost controller
* TRUST Type-R blow off valve
* JIC Spartan 505 titanium exhaust
* PORTED and polished cylinder heads
* CUSCO racing suction pipe
* MONSTER carbon type air intake cover
* MONSTER caffeinated enegy drink
* RACING exhaust silencer
* UPGRADED turbo pipe kit
* HKS Kansai 250cc fuel pump
* PERFORMANCE airflow controller Continue reading

1997 Subaru Impreza STI ver.IV RA

fotd-2017-1-12-impreza-sti-gc8-ra-final* 2.0L, 5MT, AWD turbo
* BEST Suzuka Circuit lap time 2min32sec
* ABOUT 1.8million yen/16K USD invested
* TYPE-IV engine overhauled
* TYPE-VI transmission swap
* EXEDY reinforced clutch
* ATS rear diff
* FACTORY center diff
* GPSPORTS G-Master Pro coilovers
* F:12kg, R:8kg
* PERFORMANCE radiator
* ZEROSPORTS radiator cooling plate
* CUSTOM exhaust system with baffle
* TOMEI oil pan baffle plate
* TOMEI tow sawse shirt stain Continue reading

2000 Honda Integra Type-R the final

* SPOON lip spoiler
* FACTORY sideskirts
* FACTORY optional rear under aero
* CROWHOUSE front fenders (widened)
* FLARED rear fenders
* ROLLED rear fenders
* 98SPEC rear bumper
* J’S racing GT wing (street legal)
* OMP Corsica steering wheel
* TECHNICA seat rails
* DEFI aux. meters
* APEXi speedometer
* PIONEER Carrozzeria audio tuner
* MODIFIED interior lighting (+15hp gain) Continue reading