* 1996 Toyota Supra RZ 6MT turbo

FOTD 2018.7.23 (supra 80 white)

* 2JZ-GTE engine stock
* 6SPD manual Getrag shifts smooth
* BLITZ computer
* 4POINT roll cage
* CUSCO coilover suspension
* STAINLESS mesh clutch hosing
* STAINLESS mesh brake hosing
* DEFI oil pressure gauge
* BLITZ boost gauge
* TOWER bar
* TURBO stock
* VALVE cover bolts new
* VALVE cover seal new Continue reading


1994 Toyota Supra RZ twin-turbo

FOTD 2018.6.6 (red supra rz)* 2JZGTE, minimal mods & 6-speed MT
* HKS EVC-5 boost controller
* HKS Super SQV blow-off valve
* BLITZ Sonic Power air cleaner
* APEXi Hybrid Megaphone exhaust
* HKS HyperMax 4GT coilover suspension
* WORK Emotion CR-Kiwami wheels
* FRONT 8.5J off30 18/235/40
* REAR 9.5J off30 18/265/35
* TRD Sports Facing heavy-duty clutch
* TRD LSD for cornering
* CHEMICAL LSD for tripping
* ONLY just 94,000km/58,400mi
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

2002 Toyota Supra RZ TopSecret-tuned

FOTD 2018.6.5 (midnight purple supra top secret)* HKS T51r Kai BB turbo
* TRUST stainless exhaust manifold
* TRUST racing wastegate
* HKS cam in: 264, lift 8.6
* HKS cam out: 272, lift 9.3
* HKS slide cam pulley
* TRUST heavy duty timing belt
* TRUST three-row intercooler
* TRUST intercooler piping
* TRUST 16-step oil cooler
* YASHIO copper three-row radiator
* SAMCO silicon radiator hosing
* ARC titanium radiator panel
* TRUST Airinx intake
* TRUST suction pipe
* TRUST front pipe
* TRUST Ti-R titanium exhaust
* NOS wet single shot system
* NOS two of the big ones by tonight Continue reading

Word of the Day: Tsuru Tsuru

WOTD 3.15.2018 (tsuru tsuru) FIN 2

Daily Japanese lesson! What do YOU want to learn?

Today: ツルツル (tsuru-tsuru) describes surfaces which both appear to be, and actually are, smooth, slippery, and the like. Icy winter roads are tsuru-tsuru. Worn-out tires are tsuru-tsuru. Waxed floors, billiard balls, ramen noodles and Hobbs’/Dom’s heads are all tsuru-tsuru.

Word of the Day: Zero-Yon

WOTD 3.14.2018 (zeroyon) FIN 3

Daily Japanese lesson! What do YOU want to learn?

Today: ゼロヨン. Comprised of ゼロ(zeh-ro: Zero) and ヨン (yohn: Four), short for a 0-400m drag race. 400 meters calculates to 1,312 feet, so it’s slightly less than the actual quarter-mile (1,320 feet). However, since Japan utilizes the metric system for units of measurement, they refer to the quarter mile as the 0-400 …similar to how Metric France refers to the Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese as the Royale w/ Cheese.