1994 Toyota MR2 GT-S turbo TOMS

FOTD 2018.6.19 (MR2 SW20 black SSR)
* DOHC 2.0L mid-engine RWD turbo
* SSR Type-C (F:16×7.5J, R:16x9J)
* TOYO R1R (F:225/45, R:255/40)
* BLITZ 30step ZZR Damper coilovers
* STAINLESS mesh brake hosing
* PROJECTMU brake pads
* FD3S 320φ big rotor kit
* TRD limited slip diff
* TRD engine mounts
* TRD clutch
* ARC stabilizers
* TOMS f/r strut bars help the handling
* TUMS antacid tablets help the heartburn Continue reading

2002 Mazda RX-7 bonestock & showroom new!

FOTD 2018.5.11 (red FD stock)* ONLY 15,500km/9,630 miles
* COMPLETELY unmodified
* SUPER healthy
* WELL maintained
* WELL serviced
* WELL a deep hole for obtaining water
* ALWAYS garaged indoors Continue reading

1999 Mazda RX-7 v.5 Type-RS Amemiya!

FOTD 2018.4.19 (white FD amemiya)* ONE-owner car!
* ONLY 51,000km/31,700mi actual!
* AMEMIYA AC037 full aero kit (RARE!)
* AMEMIYA dual-flap aluminum wing
* WORK Equip Voggard 17inch wheels
* NANKANG Ultra Sports NSII tires
* F:235/45, R:255/45
* BILSTEIN suspension
* HKS EVC boost controller
* CUSTOM blow-off valve
* KING air cleaner system
* MAZDASPEED speedometer
* MAZDASPEED boost gauge
* TURBO timer
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

Daily JDM Word: Aisha

WOTD 3.24.2018 (aisha) 3

Today’s word: 愛車/Ai-sha (beloved/dear car), comprised of the characters 愛/Ai (love) and 車/Sha (car)…basically it means your favorite car, the car which you cherish, etc.  Ai-sha can also cover motorcycles and other wheeled-vehicles.

Ai-sha written:
* in hiragana: あいしゃ
* in katakana: アイシャ
* in kanji: 愛車

Similarly, other word combinations that start with 愛/Ai:
愛妻/Ai-Sai: beloved/cherished wife
愛児/Ai-Ji: beloved/cherished young child
愛犬/Ai-Ken: beloved/cherished dog
愛書/Ai-Sho: beloved/cherished book
愛鳥: Ai-Chou: beloved/cherished bird

Word of the Day: Shodai

WOTD 3.20.2018 (shodai) 3

Today’s word: Shodai (kanji: 初代, katakana: ショダイ) means the first generation of something….an iPhone,  a vehicle line, a household/family, etc.  Subsequent generations are indicated as Number + Dai (generation) Meh (unit of order/sequence)
2nd Gen = 2代目 (Ni Dai Meh)
3rd Gen = 3代目 (San Dai Meh)
4th Gen = 4代目 (Yon Dai Meh)
5th Gen = 5代目 (Go Dai Meh)
6th Gen = 6代目 (Roku Dai Meh)
7th Gen = 7代目 (Nana Dai Meh)
8th Gen = 8代目 (Hachi Dai Meh)
9th Gen =9代目 (Kyuu Dai Meh)
10th Gen =10代目(Jyuu Dai Meh)




1996 Mazda RX-7 Type-RB Bathurst

FOTD 2017.9.28 (White FD cheap Bathurst) FINAL.png* HKS air intake
* BBS 17inch RSII wheels
* TEIN coilovers
* TURBO timer
* TWO row oil cooler
* DEFI boost gauge
* DEFI oil pressure gauge
* DEFI oil temp gauge
* DEFI water temp gauge
* TOWER bar
* SERIES 5 exterior
* UPGRADED rear wing
* ALL mechanicals good
* STABLE idling
* TURBO good
* NON smoker’s car
* NO ashtray (weight reduction, bro) Continue reading

1989 Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT-X clean

FOTD 2017.9.15 (FC grey GTX) FINAL* MAZDASPEED 2way LSD
* HEAVYDUTY diff mounts
* HEAVYDUTY transmission mounts
* WIDE front FRP fenders (+20mm)
* PANSPEED FRP wide fenders included
* ONLY just 84,000km/52,200mi actual!
* FD flywheel
* FD clutch / clutch cover
* XYZ CS-type racing coilovers
* TEIN coilover set also included
* CUSCO front tower bar
* CUSCO rear tower bar
* SUPERNOW stabi-pillow links
* SUPERNOW camber control sub links
* STEEL hubs
* KNIGHTSPORTS toe canceller
* KSP positive camber link
* SUPERNOW rear brake offset stay
* SUPERNOW rear rotors
* FD front calipers
* SLOTTED front rotors
* ADVICS front/rear CS brake pads
* PROJECTMU front/rear brake lines
* SSR Type C 17×8.5 f, 17×9 r
* EXTRA set of 17 inch mesh wheels included
* DUNLOP Dirrezza Z3 225/45 f, 245/40 r
* TIRES have lots of tread
* BAKERY has lots of bread Continue reading

1994 Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny democar

FOTD 2017.3.29 (RX7 Rocketbunny) FINAL* FORMER Rocket Bunny demo car
* HKS T04Z turbo kit
* TRUST intercooler
* 380HP at current settings
* 400HP+ if settings changed
* CAST metal exhaust manifold (strong!)
* OSGIKEN twin plate clutch
* CUSCO 2way LSD
* AIR pump removed
* APEXi Power FC unit
* RECARO SPG seats (no tears)
* BATTERY relocated to interior
* 7POINT roll cage for safety
* 11POINT font for business documents Continue reading