2000 Subaru Impreza WRX STI ver.6

FOTD 2018.3.09 (impreza gc8 white) FINAL* 2.0L intercooled turbo, AWD, 5MT
* TEIN Flez Z coilovers
* TEIN EDFC damping force controller
* FUJITSUBO lightweight RM01A exhaust
* STI chambered fuel pump
* DIXCEL brakes PD DAV
* RALLY mudflaps
* WORK Emotion wheels
* NANKANG NS2R tires (50% tread)
* ATE half of the toast (50% bread)
* KTS mesh wheels also
* BRIDGESTONE RevoGZ tires also
* STI fog light caps
* ONLY just 155,000km/96,300mi actual
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading


1986 Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 coupe

FOTD 2018.2.19 (ae86 levin blue coupe)* SARD fuel pump
* PERFORMANCE stainless steel exhaust
* FUJITSUBO stainless exhaust manifold
* GT-spec interior
* KOUKI front seats
* KOUKI rear seats (mint!)
* PANASONIC blue battery
* BLACK Racing 8spoke wheels
* FRONT tower bar
* CUSTOM front springs
* TRD front shocks (because performance)
* TRD rear springs (because performance)
* TURD on paint (because pigeon)
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2001 Honda Accord Euro-R

FOTD 2017.10.11 (accord euro-r) FINAL* H22A 2.2L DOHC VTEC (yo)
* 5SPEED manual transmission
* MUGEN Showa suspension
* FUJITSUBO exhaust
* FACTORY sports suspenion
* FACTORY sports exhaust
* FACTORY 4-2-1 stainless steel headers
* FACTORY unique aero kit
* K&N replacement type air filter
* ENDLESS brake pads
* INTEGRA DC2 Type-R rear wing
* INTEGRA DC5 17inch wheels
* INTEGRA front blinker position kit
* INTEGER whole number w/o fractional component Continue reading

1997 Nissan Stagea RS-Four drift wagon

FOTD 2017.9.6. (Stagea Silver FR drift) FINAL* RB25DET engine RWD conversion
* ER34 Skyline 5speed MT
* 4WD→2WD FR conversion
* TRUST intercooler kit w/ modified piping
* TRUST intake piping
* TRUST ProFec boost controller
* TRUST 13step oil cooler
* TRUST washer tank
* TRUST OriginalJDMguy to entertain you
* BLITZ air intake
* WING21 suction pipe
* RB26 water pump (GT-R N1 spec)
* RB26 oil pan (FR diff modification)
* NISMO heavy duty engine mounts
* NISMO heavy duty transmission mounts
* NISMO super copper twin plate clutch
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1992 Mazda RX-7 cabriolet MT

FOTD 2017.6.1 (FC dark green vert) FINAL
* RARE manual trans in convertible
* UPGRADED intercooler
* BLOW off valve
* FUJITSUBO exhaust
* PERFORMANCE air intake
* FRONT strut tower bar
* PERFORMANCE radiator
* UPGRADED audio (CD)
* DARK green metallic
* TAN leather sport seats
* TAN convertible top
* MECHANICALS work great
* POWER folding top works great
* LONG distance driving no problem
* 17INCH 10spoke fin wheels
* PERFORMANCE tires (good tread!)
* SPECIAL aero mirrors Continue reading

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII GSR-MR MonsterSport

FOTD 2016.3.24 (Mitsubishi LanEvo8 Monstersports) FINAL.png* 2.0L, 6MT, AWD intercooled turbo
* MONSTERSPORT fuel pump/lines
* MONSTERSPORT suction pipe
* MONSTERSPORT intercooler pipe
* MARCE air box
* CUSTOM exhaust manifold
* FUJITSUBO front pipe
* HKS metal cat
* MONSTERSPORT low friction oil cooler Continue reading