Daily JDM Word: Fukumen!

WOTD fukumen original FIN

Today’s word is 覆面/FUKU-MEN, comprised of the characters 覆/FUKU (hide or cover) and 面/MEN (face), and means incognito, concealed identity, etc. This term is applicable in a wide array of facets in daily life such as masked wrestlers (viva Lucha Libre!) , author pen names, artist pseudonyms, etc. In the automotive world, it usually refers to an undercover パトカー/PATO-KAA (patrol/police car).

An overwhelming majority of FUKUMEN PATO-KAAs are Toyota Crowns and Nissan Skylines (V35), but other present and recent past cars include:
* Sedans: Toyota Mark X, Nissan Teana, Nissan Cedric, Nissan Gloria, Suzuki Kizashi, Subaru Legacy
* Wagons/Vans: Nissan Stagea, Nissan ElGrand, Toyota Hi-Ace, Toyota Alphard
* Coupes: Nissan Skyline, Nissan Leopard, Toyota Soarer
* Compacts: Honda Insight, Suzuki SX4, Toyota Prius

Common FUKUMEN specs:
Color: white, black, grey or silver
Engine: 6 cyl. preferred
Body Style: often 4-door sedans, but others exist (see above ↑)
Typical Giveaways:
* Dark tint on rear windows (privacy, bro)
* Driver AND passenger (teamwork, bro)
* Special antenna(e) in rear (communication, bro)
* Two interior rearview mirrors (visibilty, bro)
* Dimple on roof (single light placement, bro)
* Sparkling clean (pride in work, bro)
* Few or no badges/emblems (weight reduction, bro)

Bonus fact for Initial D and/or wildlife fans: The standard black/white patrol cars are often called パンダ/PANDA (panda).

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2000 R34 engine/Gloria Face swap

1999 R34 GT-T clean and long parts list (grab a beer, pull up a chair)

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2000 Nissan Skyline face/engine swap

FOTD 2017.9.17 (R34 skyline gloria face) FINAL* RB25 turbo engine swap
* Y33 Gloria face & core support swap
* 5SPEED manual transmission
* JIC coilovers
* LIGHTENED flywheel
* CUSCO copper clutch
* CUSCO front upper arms
* AFTERMARKET limited slip diff
* CAT removed
* STRAIGHT exhaust
* INTERCOOLER installed
* S15 brake rotors
* R32 driver seat
* AERO kit f/r/s
* FRONT tower bar
* ALUMINUM performance radiator
* CUSTOM turbo piping Continue reading

2002 Nissan Cedric 3.0 VIP

FOTD 2017.8.26 (Cedric Y34 white) FINAL
* ONE of the cheapest deals we’ve ever found!!
* FULLY adjustable coilover suspension
* HID lighting conversion
* CUSTOM exhaust system
* TINTED windows
* DOOR window visor kit
* VIP wooden beverage tray
* AERO kit
* CLEAR sidemarkers/indicators
* FLOORMATS installed
* CARPETING looks shampooed
* ENGINE excellent
* CAR runs great
* NO rust
* NO leaks
* NO problems
* AC, PS, PW, PDL, Keyless
* CD audio, airbag, anti-lock brakes
* REAR view camera, ETC highway system
* ONLY just 103,000km/64,000mi actual Continue reading