2001 Subaru Impreza WRX version NB

FOTD 2017.9.13 (black cheap bugeye impreza) FINAL* 2.0L, 5MT AWD turbo
* BLITZ filter (stock replacement type)
* GPSPORTS Exas exhaust
* LARGUS coilovers w/ front pillow setup
* ENKEI 17 inch wheels (215/45)
* 15MM wide tread spacers
* CUSCO front tower bar
* DIXCEL front/rear brake pads
* MOMO 33Φ steering wheel
* STI pedals
* STI hood
* HID headlight kit
* CUSTOM shift knob
* BRIDE semi-bucket seat
* BRIDE here comes the Continue reading


1997 Nissan Stagea RS-Four drift wagon

FOTD 2017.9.6. (Stagea Silver FR drift) FINAL* RB25DET engine RWD conversion
* ER34 Skyline 5speed MT
* 4WD→2WD FR conversion
* TRUST intercooler kit w/ modified piping
* TRUST intake piping
* TRUST ProFec boost controller
* TRUST 13step oil cooler
* TRUST washer tank
* TRUST OriginalJDMguy to entertain you
* BLITZ air intake
* WING21 suction pipe
* RB26 water pump (GT-R N1 spec)
* RB26 oil pan (FR diff modification)
* NISMO heavy duty engine mounts
* NISMO heavy duty transmission mounts
* NISMO super copper twin plate clutch
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2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-S G-package

FOTD 2017.6.14 (Nissan Silvia S15 black) FINAL* WEDS Kranze Ratzinger 18inch wheels
* F:8J 205/35, R: 9J 225/40
* GPSPORTS G-Master S14-spec coilovers
* DMAX heavy-duty tie rods
* HR34 factory diff assembly (welded)
* FINAL gearing 4.3
* CUSTOM dual exhaust
* BAFFLE in exhaust system
* WAFFLE on breakfast plate
* CUSTOM aero kit f/r/s
* DMAX trunk spoiler
* STEEL wheel nuts (long-type)
* CUSTOM shift knob
* FLOORMATS installed
* WHITE face gauges
* SMOKED window tint (full black)
* SMOKED aftermarket taillights (LED)
* SMOKED sidemarker lenses
* SMOKED weed so high now Continue reading

1996 Toyota Soarer GT-T drift missle

FOTD 2017.5.24 (Drift Soarer) FINAL* VERTEX T&E aero kit
* JZX110 r154 transmission
* JZZ30 Kouki single turbo swap
* EXEDY Hyper single clutch
* JR direct pipe kit
* HKS air intake
* TRUST #7 plugs
* TRUST boost controller
* SARD sports cat
* BLITZ 80Φ Supra spec mid-pipe
* GPSPORTS Exas Evotune exhaust
* TRUST 2-row aluminum radiator
* TRUST LS intercooler
* TRUST JZX-spec intake pipe (modified)
* SARD fan controller
* TRD 2way LSD
* MISSLE front overfenders
* N-STYLE rear overfenders
* ORIGIN S-size cannards
* URAS GT-wing
* ZSS DG7 bronze 18inch wheels
* ONLY just 106,000km/65,870mi actual
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

1998 Nissan Cima L30 turbo VIP

FOTD 2017.5.18 (CIMA turbo VIP) FINAL* VQ30DET V6 DOHC 24V intercooled turbo
* 270hp rating in stock form
* BLITZ front mount intercooler (Lan-Evo spec)
* ZERO-1000 Power Chamber (Z32 NA spec)
* CUSTOM front pipe
* STRAIGHT mid pipe (modified stock unit)
* 115Φ exhaust
* GPSPORTS finisher 115Φ (discontinued)
* CAMBER -7 front
* S14 Silvia front suspension swap
* S14 Silvia front hub knuckles
* GT-1 Motorsports front coilovers (S14 spec)
* 326POWER 24k front springs
* KAZAMA super tie rod ends (front)
* S14 30mm extended front lower arms (modified stock pieces)
* CUSTOM front pillow tension rods
* R32 opposing calipers (front) Continue reading

1999 Nissan Skyline GT-Turbo daily/track

FOTD 2017.4.14 (R34 Sedan silver) FINAL* BLITZ front mount intercooler
* TRUST 3-row radiator
* HKS reinforced actuator
* APEXi air cleaner
* HKS racing suction pipe
* HKS hose clamps
* HKS boost controller
* UPGRADED head gasket
* PERFORMANCE blow-by hose
* CUSTOM oil catch tank
* ENLARGED fuel pump
* UPGRADED fuel filter
* STRAIGHT exhaust
* HICAS canceller
* NISMO 2way LSD
* ILLUSION angle-up kit
* IKEYA Formula tie rods
* IKEA Swedish furniture Continue reading

1999 Toyota Altezza 6MT Blitz Supercharger

FOTD 2016.4.12 (Toyota Altezza Supercharged) FINAL* 2.0L, RWD, 6MT, Supercharged
* BLITZ supercharger (good response)
* BLITZ computer
* BLITZ front mount intercooler
* BLITZ the quarterback
* GPSPORTS Exas exhaust
* CUSTOM heavy-duty clutch
* KAYABA susupension
* PRODRIVE GC-06D 17×7.5J wheels
* TODA racing manifold
* TODA lightened flywheel
* YODA Jedi Master Continue reading