1991 Leopard XS V20 twincam turbo

FOTD 2017.10.18 (leopard xs white) FINAL* VG20DET intercooled turbo RWD
* FULL aero kit
* BBS 16inch wheels (RS?)
* WHITE face gauges
* SHAGGY plush floormats
* RELAXING beige/taupe multi-hue interior
* ONLY just 156,630km/97,330mi actual
* SUNROOF and sunroof visor
* FULLY auto air conditioning
* SUNROOF works good
* AC works great
* TURBO kicks in (yo)
* CD/TV and navigation
* POWER steering
* POWER seat adjust Continue reading


1998 Nissan Cima L30 turbo VIP

FOTD 2017.5.18 (CIMA turbo VIP) FINAL* VQ30DET V6 DOHC 24V intercooled turbo
* 270hp rating in stock form
* BLITZ front mount intercooler (Lan-Evo spec)
* ZERO-1000 Power Chamber (Z32 NA spec)
* CUSTOM front pipe
* STRAIGHT mid pipe (modified stock unit)
* 115Φ exhaust
* GPSPORTS finisher 115Φ (discontinued)
* CAMBER -7 front
* S14 Silvia front suspension swap
* S14 Silvia front hub knuckles
* GT-1 Motorsports front coilovers (S14 spec)
* 326POWER 24k front springs
* KAZAMA super tie rod ends (front)
* S14 30mm extended front lower arms (modified stock pieces)
* CUSTOM front pillow tension rods
* R32 opposing calipers (front) Continue reading