Word of the Day: Mizo Otoshi

WOTD 3.13.2018 (mizo otoshi) FIN

Daily Japanese lesson! What do YOU want to learn?

Today: 溝(mizo: gutter/ditch), 落とし(otoshi: drop). A driving technique made famous by Initial D, in which Takumi drops a tire into a ditch on the side of the road in order to whip his car around a corner faster than otherwise possible. (unfortunately not depicted in photo).


1986 Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 coupe

FOTD 2018.2.19 (ae86 levin blue coupe)* SARD fuel pump
* PERFORMANCE stainless steel exhaust
* FUJITSUBO stainless exhaust manifold
* GT-spec interior
* KOUKI front seats
* KOUKI rear seats (mint!)
* PANASONIC blue battery
* BLACK Racing 8spoke wheels
* FRONT tower bar
* CUSTOM front springs
* TRD front shocks (because performance)
* TRD rear springs (because performance)
* TURD on paint (because pigeon)
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1996 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV

FOTD 2018.2.13 (lancer evolution IV silver)* 2.0L, DOHC, intercooled turbo, 5MT AWD
* NO accident history
* HKS exhaust w/ inner silencer
* GREDDY turbo timer
* APEXi air cleaner
* UPGRADED performance suspension
* NON smoker’s car
* A34 Steel Silver Metallic paint
* SMOOTH shifting
* HEATER works fine
* AIRCON works fine
* ELECTRICALS work fine
* ENGINE bay clean
* ONLY just 153,600km/95,440mi actual
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

1987 Toyota Corolla Levin GT AE86

FOTD 2017.11.27 (AE86 electric blue corolla levin) FINAL* ONLY just 76,500km/47,530mi actual!
* 0.5MM enlarged stock pistons
* BALANCED crankshaft
* BALANCED connecting rods
* HEAVYDUTY connecting rod bolts
* 0.5MM surfaced cylinder head
* TRD metal gasket
* HKS valve springs
* VALVES polished
* PORTS polished
* VALVE seats modified
* VITZ valve cylinders
* MODIFIED engine block oil line
* HEAVYDUTY oil pump springs
* MODIFIED stock cam sprockets
* TRD plug cords
* NGK #8 racing plugs
* CUSCO 1-way LSD
* TRUST Airinx air intake (no filter)
* TRUST exhaust manifold
* 5ZIGEN Border304 exhaust Continue reading

1992 Nissan Skyline GTS-T Type M

FOTD 2017.10.13 (skyline r32 black drift) FINAL* HPI front mount intercooler
* GREDDY turbo timer
* BLITZ Dual SBC boost controller
* BBS(?) 17inch mesh staggered
* KGM coilover suspension
* CUSTOM front overfenders
* PERFORMANCE aluminum radiator
* HKS Power Flow air intake
* RACING exhaust
* UPGRADED fuel pump
* UPGRADED front rotors
* ONLY just 141,720km/88,060mi actual Continue reading

1986 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX

FOTD 2017.9.29 (AE86 Trueno black grey) FINAL
* RARE black/silver two-tone
* RS-WATANABE 14inch wheels
* WHEEL centercaps intact
* YOKOHAMA S-Drive 185/55 tires x 2
* BRIDGESTONE Potenza 185/55 tires x 2
* STOCK (factory optional) wheels included
* TRD limited slip diff
* TRD front coilovers
* TRD rear shocks
* CUSTOM rear springs (cut)
* UPGRADED exhaust (good sound)
* FACTORY optional sideskirts
* FACTORY optional rear spoiler
* FACTORY optional auto aircon (rare!)
* TRD rear spoiler installed above stock spoiler
* YO dawg I heard you like spoilers…
* FIRST owner kept it unmodified for 25yrs +
* SECOND (current) owner is older guy Continue reading

1999 Toyota MR2 G-Limited BEAMS

FOTD 2017.9.26 (MR2 orange sw20) FINAL* TWINCAM 3S-GE VVTi 2.0L 5MT
* FINAL year of SW20 generation
* GAB sport tower bar
* LARGUS coilovers
* TRUST dual exhaust
* RECARO seats
* ONE owner
* ALWAYS serviced at dealer
* OWNER is a technician at dealer
* OIL changed every 1,000km
* 3L1 Orange Mica Metallic factory paint
* FAST acceleration
* NON smoker’s car
* TINTED windows
* SPARE tire in trunk
* SPARE tire around waist Continue reading

1984 Toyota Corolla Levin turbo

FOTD 2017.9.19 (ae86 panda levin turbo) FINAL* TD05 turbo
* CUSTOM turbo piping
* LANCER intercooler
* ALUMINUM performance radiator
* OVERSIZED factory pistons
* CUSCO clutch set
* CUSCO clutch release bearing
* CUSCO clutch pilot bearing
* TRANSMISSION unmodified
* SMOOTH shifting
* TOWER bar
* PERFORMANCE air intake
* ADVAN(?) wheels
* AERO kit
* GT wing
* FREEDOM computer
* AIR conditioning
* NO Takumi Tax
* NO trunk interior (weight reduction, bro) Continue reading

1985 Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 barn find!

FOTD 2017.5.17 (AE86 Levin barn find white) FINAL* ONE owner
* STOCK condition
* ONLY just 34,240km/21,270mi actual
* UNDRIVEN for 24 years
* LAST road certificate expired in 1993
* 1.6L, RWD, 5MT
* WATANABE wheels
* TRUNK clean
* ENGINE clean
* SUSPENSION original
* CAR seems to be unmodified
* CASTROL stickers (+10hp)
* MUDGUARDS intact (“Levin” logo!)
* FLOORMATS intact
* AIR conditioning Continue reading