1990 Mazda Savanna RX-7 turbo

FOTD 2018.10.03 (fc black)* TRUST intercooler
* ALUMINUM turbo piping
* ALUMINUM Koyo racing radiator
* ALUMINUM foil good for food storage
* FD alternator
* BNR32 GT-R fuel pump
* CUSTOM front pipe
* STRAIGHT exhaust
* OSGIKEN twin plate clutch
* OHLINS full coilover suspension
* STAINLESS mesh brake hose
* CUSCO floor bracing bar
* CUSCO front/rear tower bar for handling
* COSTCO wholesale warehouse for discounts
* SEXYSTYLE full aero kit
* AMEMIYA aero hood
* AMEMIYA headlight kit w/HID Continue reading

1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

FOTD 2018.9.04 (lan evo 6 silver)* DOHC 2.0L turbo 5MT AWD
* HKS boost controller
* MOTUL 300V oil
* FGK exhaust (street legal)
* UPGRADED air filter
* ALUMINUM performance radiator
* ART Sport tires (brand-new!)
* EVO7 factory 17inch wheels
* SARD boost gauge
* ECU replaced
* SPORTS brake pads (new!) Continue reading

1996 180SX Type-X unmodified & almost-new!

FOTD 2018.8.16 (silver 180sx stock)* SR20DET twin-cam intercooled turbo
* 100% bone stock
* 5SPEED manual transmission
* ONLY just 42,900km/26,000mi actual!
* KL0 Silver Metallic exterior
* ALL mechanicals fine
* ALL electricals fine
* NO warning lights on
* EXTERIOR immaculate
* INTERIOR immaculate
* UNDERCARRIAGE immaculate
* ENGINE bay immaculate
* ALWAYS garaged
* AC, Audio, Meters, Sensors, fine
* ENGINE fine
* NO oil/fluid leaks
* STABLE idle
* BILLY idol Continue reading

1993 Nissan Silvia S14 Kouki front

FOTD 2018.7.27 (s14 silvia matte black)

* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* 5SPEED manual transmission
* CUSTOM exhaust system
* 5LUG hubs
* REAR widened fenders (50mm)
* YASHIO factory coilovers (leaking)
* RAYS (?) 18×9.5J wheels (new!)
* NEW tires
* POWER folding mirrors
* MOMO steering wheel
* MOOMOO sound of cows
* KANSAI Paint PG80 Matte Black Continue reading

1994 Toyota MR2 GT-S turbo TOMS

FOTD 2018.6.19 (MR2 SW20 black SSR)
* DOHC 2.0L mid-engine RWD turbo
* SSR Type-C (F:16×7.5J, R:16x9J)
* TOYO R1R (F:225/45, R:255/40)
* BLITZ 30step ZZR Damper coilovers
* STAINLESS mesh brake hosing
* PROJECTMU brake pads
* FD3S 320φ big rotor kit
* TRD limited slip diff
* TRD engine mounts
* TRD clutch
* ARC stabilizers
* TOMS f/r strut bars help the handling
* TUMS antacid tablets help the heartburn Continue reading

1998 Toyota MR2 GT turbo

FOTD 2018.5.28 (sw20 gt turbo)

* 2.0L 3SGTE turbo 5spd manual trans
* ELSPORT rally-spec coilover suspension
* RSR ExMagic exhaust system
* CUSTOM blow-off valve
* FACTORY blow-off valve also included
* ALUMINUM turbo pipe
* APEXi boost gauge
* APEXi turbo timer
* CUSCO mechanical LSD
* PROJECTMU Type HC+ front brake pads
* ITZZ RM2 rear brake pads
* ITZZ a boy/girl said when baby is born
* I-Type MR2 factory rear garnish
* I-Type MR2 factory taillights
* I-Type these posts and you enjoy Continue reading

1994 Suzuki Cappucino EA113 Turbo

FOTD 2018.5.17 (navy cappucino)* TWINCAM Kei 660 turbo engine
* BLITZ boost controller
* TAKEOFF blow off valve
* CUSTOM turbo piping
* FUJITSUBO Power Getter exhaust
* NAVIC coilover suspension
* FRONT camber modified
* FRONT strut tower bar
* CHIE steering angle increaser
* DIXCEL front brake pads
* DSPEED D1 semi-metallic rear pads
* STAINLESS steel 7point rollcage
* STAINLESS steel rear pillar bar
* STAINLESS shirt because just washed Continue reading

1985 Toyota Corolla Levin AE111 power

FOTD 2018.4.11 (black levin AE86 600)* TRD lightweight FRP hood (rare!)
* AE111 engine swap
* HEAVYDUTY fuel pump
* HKS Power Flow air cleaner
* AE86 & AE92 ECU
* CAM gears
* AERO front lip & sideskirts installed
* AERO plane alternate name for airplane
* COOLANT replaced
* TOTAL  5W-90 MT oil
* TOTAL 85W-140 diff oil
* VALVOLINE 5W-40 engine oil
* FORTY weight sounds nice Continue reading


Today’s word ステッカーチューン, is comprised of ステッカー/SUTEKKAA (sticker) and
チューン/CHUUN (tuning) and means adding decals for decorative purposes, often used for hobby items such as:
自動車/JIDOUSHA (car)
バイク/BAIKU (motorcycle)
ギター/GITAA (guitar)
スノボ/SUNOBO (snowboard)
スマホ/SUMAHO (smartphone)
パソコン/PASOKON (personal computer)
タックルボックス/TAKKURU BOKKUSU (fishing/tackle box)
クーラーボックス/KOORAH BOKKUSU (cooler box/drink cooler)

In the automotive world, SUTEKKAA is sometimes called バイナル/BAINARU (vinyl) or バイナルグラフィック/BAINARU GURAFIKKU (vinyl graphics) but, in most cases, these BAINARU-related terms are more associated with Continue reading