1999 Toyota Aristo 3.0 budget VIP

FOTD 2018.7.10(aristo vip camber)* CUSCO front coilovers
* T-DEMAND toe kit
* T-DEMAND front springs 40k
* JIC rear coilovers
* 326POWER rear springs 40k
* CUSTOM straight exhaust (no cat)
* STRICT landlord (no cat, no dog either)
* WORK Seeker 18inch wheels
* TIRES bald
* VINDIESEL bald Continue reading


1995 Toyota Celsior C-Type magazine feature car

FOTD 2016.2.20 (toyota celsior vip) FINAL* 4.0L, V8, 20series
* SERIOUS conversion to KOUKI 30series
* EVERY exterior piece/panel updated to Kouki versions
* ONLY just 96,050km/59,680mi!!!
* DATASYSTEMS air suspension kit
* FACTORY air suspension modified
* SS-Kit all around Continue reading