Word of the Day: Suu-Chaa

Daily Japanese lesson! What do YOU want to learn?

Today’s word: スーパーチャージャー (suu-paa-chaa-jyaa) actually is the official term, but since it’s so fricckin’ long to say/write, some people simply shorten it.

WOTD 3.12.2018 (supercharger) VER 2


1997 Toyota MR2 G-Ltd TypeIV & partscar

FOTD 2018.1.15 (SW20 white)
* CUSTOM front coilovers
* KYB rear coilovers
* DIXCEL slotted rotors
* ACRE super fighter brake pads
* RIGID front tower bar
* TRD rear tower bar
* RAYBRIG clear lens front lights
* ENKEI 16inch wheels
* EP91 factory foglights
* APEXi intake
* MOMO D1-spec steering wheel
* FACTORY drink holder (rare option)
* BRIDE full bucket seats (has rip)
* NEW plug cords
* HEAVYDUTY clutch
* 2.0L, 5MT
* SHORT stroke shift kit
* PARTS CAR also included
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

1999 Toyota MR2 G-Limited BEAMS

FOTD 2017.9.26 (MR2 orange sw20) FINAL* TWINCAM 3S-GE VVTi 2.0L 5MT
* FINAL year of SW20 generation
* GAB sport tower bar
* LARGUS coilovers
* TRUST dual exhaust
* RECARO seats
* ONE owner
* ALWAYS serviced at dealer
* OWNER is a technician at dealer
* OIL changed every 1,000km
* 3L1 Orange Mica Metallic factory paint
* FAST acceleration
* NON smoker’s car
* TINTED windows
* SPARE tire in trunk
* SPARE tire around waist Continue reading

1988 Toyota MR2 G-Limited S/C

FOTD 2017.7.5 (MR2 white 2000USD) FINAL* 4A-GE 1.6L DOHC supercharged
* AE101 spec +05 oversized pistons
* ARC intercooler
* TOMEI 264/264 cams
* TBS large diameter pulley
* AE101 compressor
* 12 hole injectors
* FREEDOM computer
* ENNEPETAL coilovers
* HYPERCO springs 5k/7k
* CUSTOM front stabilizer
* UPGRADED factory rear stabilizer
* TRD diff
* FULL pillow type suspension
* APN rear pillow tie rod ends
* UNITE 60Φ exhaust, 76Φoutlet
* SPARE driveshaft included
* SPARE FRP trunk included
* CUSCO air bypass valve
* CUSCO PowerBall headers
* COSTCO wholesale warehouse Continue reading

2000 Toyota MR-S S-edition F1 style

FOTD 2017.5.23 (MR-S) FINAL* C-ONE front bumper (rare, discontinued!)
* TRIAL rear bumper w/ F1 brake lamp
* NOBRAND carbon GT wing
* RAYS Volk SE37 16inch wheels
* CUSCO five-way adjustable coilovers
* CUSCO floor bar
* 1.8L 5MT
* TRD quick shift kit
* TRD exhaust manifold
* HKS exhaust
* TRD front tower bar
* TRD rear tower bar
* ENGINE good
* FUEL economy good
* ALWAYS garaged indoors
* ONLY driven on weekends
* CUSTOM steering wheel cover
* CUSTOM leather-esque seat covers
* NAVIGATION system cover (discontinued!) Continue reading