1999 Subaru Impreza Casablanca Edition AWD

FOTD 2018.6.11 (subaru impreza casablanca)
* ONLY just 5,000 built
* ONLY produced for one year
* ONLY just 68,730 km/42,700 mi actual
* 85F Dark Purple Pearl Exterior (rare!)
* CHROME bumper accents
* CHROME door handles
* CHROME mirror housings
* CHROME front grille
* CHROME window trim
* CHROME headlight/taillight trim
* CHROME or firefox best web browser?
* YOKOHAMA tires
* MINILITE factory alloy wheels
* STRIPED upholstery
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2002 Toyota Supra RZ TopSecret-tuned

FOTD 2018.6.5 (midnight purple supra top secret)* HKS T51r Kai BB turbo
* TRUST stainless exhaust manifold
* TRUST racing wastegate
* HKS cam in: 264, lift 8.6
* HKS cam out: 272, lift 9.3
* HKS slide cam pulley
* TRUST heavy duty timing belt
* TRUST three-row intercooler
* TRUST intercooler piping
* TRUST 16-step oil cooler
* YASHIO copper three-row radiator
* SAMCO silicon radiator hosing
* ARC titanium radiator panel
* TRUST Airinx intake
* TRUST suction pipe
* TRUST front pipe
* TRUST Ti-R titanium exhaust
* NOS wet single shot system
* NOS two of the big ones by tonight Continue reading

1994 Nissan 180SX Sil-Eighty no drift tax

FOTD 2018.6.4 (blue sileighty s13)* SR20DET 2.0L turbo 5MT RWD
* NO major modifications
* S13 Silvia front conversion
* FULL aero kit (front/sides/rear)
* BODY excellent
* BNR34 Bayside Blue full repaint
* EVEN door jambs are painted
* BLITZ blow-off valve
* PERFORMANCE air intake
* UPGRADED exhaust
* LOWERED sports suspension
* SLOTTED rotors
* 17INCH 5-star wheels
* GREDDY boost gauge
* JACK points superb condition
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1996 Toyota Mark II Tourer-V JZX100

FOTD 2018.5.31 (purple mark 2 JZX100)
* * 1JZGTE turbo 2.5L inline-6
* MANUAL 5speed transmission and RWD
* BLITZ front mount intercooler
* BLITZ radiator
* BLITZ the quarterbark
* COILOVER suspension
* TRD 2way LSD
* KOUKI look
* DEFI boost gauge
* DEFI water temp gauge
* BLISTER fenders (rear)
* FULL aero kit (f/s/r)
* FULL purple repaint
* FULL can’t eat another bite

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1996 Mitsubishi FTO GPX rare

FOTD 2018.4.10 (yellow FTO)
* V6 DOHC 2.0L 24V MIVEC
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* MAZDA Sunflower Yellow repaint
* ONLY just 71,000km/44,120mi actual
* WEDS 16inch wheels
* TOYO R1R 205/50 tires (lots of tread)
* PERFORMANCE air cleaner
* UV cut window tint (legal)
* FRONT brake rotors replaced
* ACRE Formula700 brake rotors
* ACRE Super Fighter rotors (extra set) Continue reading

Word of the Day: Kizu

WOTD 3.19.2018 (scratch) 3

Today’s word: キズ/KIZU means scratch/scar, and can be found almost anywhere: on a piece of furniture, on the human body, on your iPhone screen, on your beloved Drift Bible DVD, etc. A minor paint KIZU on a car can often be concealed using タッチペン/TATCHI-PEN (touch-up paint). Some may notice that the image shows KIZU written in KATAKANA (Japanese phonetic alphabet), all while the “傷” KANJI (Chinese pictographic character) is readily available and actually more commonly-used in daily life. The choice to go with katakana was based on purely aesthetic purposes, but as that explanation may not satisfy the hardcore grammar nerds out there, I await your nitpicks in the comments below.

1994 Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Avanzato

FOTD 2017.9.25 (Mira TR-xx 4WD) FINAL
* KEI 660cc DOHC intercooled turbo 5MT
* 2WD/4WD modes selected by lever switch
* RARE ↑ feature in kei kars
* RARE Avanzato trim grade
* 5SPEED manual transmission
* CUSTOM brown metallic paint
* ONLY just 135,000km/83,880mi actual
* FAST acceleration
* AERO front bumper
* AERO rear bumper
* AERO sideskirts
* AERO plane another name for airplane
* CUSTOM wheels 14×7.5
* CUSTOM overfenders
* KAYABA shocks
* CUSTOM lateral rods
* PIVOT boost gauge
* NEW brake rotors (only just 500km used) Continue reading

1996 Toyota Mark II budget drifter

FOTD 2017.6.16 (Cefiro red drifter) FINAL* DRIFTABLE as is
* 2.5L 1JZ engine
* HKS front mount intercooler
* 5SPEED manual transmission (originally AT)
* TOMEI limited slip diff
* COILOVER suspension
* DEFI link meter set
* OIL temp gauge
* OIL pressure gauge
* WATER temp gauge
* MOMO steering wheel
* RECARO semi bucket seats
* 18INCH wheels
* FULL aero kit
* FULL pink repaint
* FULL can’t eat another bite
* PAINT good
* EVEN door jambs painted
* EMBLEMS removed (weight reduction, bro) Continue reading