2000 Daihatsu Naked MT turbo FR conversion

FOTD 2017.11.14 (naked FR conversion) FINAL* FACTORY 5speed manual transmission
* 4WD converted to RWD
* L760 DOHC intercooled turbo kei engine
* HKS EVC electronic valve controller
* HKS Power Flow intake
* CUSCO limited slip diff
* DSPORTS heavy duty clutch disc
* DSPORTS heavy duty clutch cover
* DSPORTS heavy duty clutch bearing
* COILOVER suspension
* UPGRADED exhaust
* UPGRADED steering wheel
* NGK sparkplugs
* NEW ignition coil
* ENKEI 14inch wheels Continue reading


1993 Mazda AZ-1 Alitalia style

FOTD 2017.11.13 (alitalia az1) FINAL
* KEI 660cc DOHC turbocharged
* MID engine, RWD, 5MT
* FACTORY gullwing doors (not eBay lambo kit)
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* ONLY just 150,334 km/93,410 mi actual
* MADHOUSE lightweight FRP hood kit
* MADHOUSE headlight conversion kit
* MADHOUSE Stratos type rear window w/ sunshade
* MADHOUSE Stratos type rear spoiler
* MOMO D-style steering wheel (rare color!)
* RAYS bronze wheels
* MODIFIED clutch play
* ALPINE audio system Continue reading

1991 Leopard XS V20 twincam turbo

FOTD 2017.10.18 (leopard xs white) FINAL* VG20DET intercooled turbo RWD
* FULL aero kit
* BBS 16inch wheels (RS?)
* WHITE face gauges
* SHAGGY plush floormats
* RELAXING beige/taupe multi-hue interior
* ONLY just 156,630km/97,330mi actual
* SUNROOF and sunroof visor
* FULLY auto air conditioning
* SUNROOF works good
* AC works great
* TURBO kicks in (yo)
* CD/TV and navigation
* POWER steering
* POWER seat adjust Continue reading

2001 Honda Accord Euro-R

FOTD 2017.10.11 (accord euro-r) FINAL* H22A 2.2L DOHC VTEC (yo)
* 5SPEED manual transmission
* MUGEN Showa suspension
* FUJITSUBO exhaust
* FACTORY sports suspenion
* FACTORY sports exhaust
* FACTORY 4-2-1 stainless steel headers
* FACTORY unique aero kit
* K&N replacement type air filter
* ENDLESS brake pads
* INTEGRA DC2 Type-R rear wing
* INTEGRA DC5 17inch wheels
* INTEGRA front blinker position kit
* INTEGER whole number w/o fractional component Continue reading

1990 Toyota Celica GT-Four AWD

FOTD 2017.10.10 (celica Gt-four st185) FINAL* 3S-GTE DOHC 16V intercooled turbo
* RARE wine red color
* OPTIONAL factory parts
* OPTIONAL factory type-II window
* OPTIONAL factory aero
* EXTRA taillights included
* EXTRA front blinkers included
* FACTORY sunroof
* TINTED windows
* REAR hatch visor
* WORK(?) five spoke wheels
* COLORMATCHED aero mudguards
* ONLY just 124,918km/77,620mi actual Continue reading

1993 Suzuki Alto Works RS-X turbo

FOTD 2017.10.09 (suzuki alto works black) FINAL* RARE twin-cam F6A intercooled kei engine
* RARE 5speed manual transmission
* ENGINE great
* TURBO great
* BOOST great
* COOLANT replaced
* ENGINE oil replaced
* FRONT brakes overhauled
* FRONT brake pads replaced
* BRAKE fluid replaced
* REAR shock absorbers replaced
* FACTORY vented turbo hood
* FACTORY fog lights
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

1991 Mazda Eunos Roadster spl. widebody

FOTD 2017.10.04 (mazda roadster alien widebody) FINAL* RE:NEWCAR full widebody aerokit
* RE:NEWCAR special edition front mask
* CUSCO coilover suspension
* FRONT springs 12k
* REAR springs 10k
* URETHANE suspension bushings
* CUSCO front tower bar
* COLIN 15inch wheels
* ADVAN Neova AD08R 205/15 tires
* CHROMOLY racing lugnuts
* 40MM+5MM wide tread spacers
* RX8 factory white full repaint
* MOMO steering wheel
* MOMO shift knob
* SPARCO full bucket seat
* CHROME door mirrors
* NO mechanical problems
* USED mainly as commuter car
* OCCASIONALLY driven on touge
* ALWAYS parked under a roof Continue reading