1996 180SX Type-X unmodified & almost-new!

FOTD 2018.8.16 (silver 180sx stock)* SR20DET twin-cam intercooled turbo
* 100% bone stock
* 5SPEED manual transmission
* ONLY just 42,900km/26,000mi actual!
* KL0 Silver Metallic exterior
* ALL mechanicals fine
* ALL electricals fine
* NO warning lights on
* EXTERIOR immaculate
* INTERIOR immaculate
* UNDERCARRIAGE immaculate
* ENGINE bay immaculate
* ALWAYS garaged
* AC, Audio, Meters, Sensors, fine
* ENGINE fine
* NO oil/fluid leaks
* STABLE idle
* BILLY idol Continue reading

1997 Nissan 180SX Type-S 5spd MT

FOTD 2018.6.29 (180SX clean type s white)
* ONLY just 99,500km/61,800mi actual
* BLITZ ZS-type radiator
* EXEDY clutch
* CUSCO tower bars for handling
* CUSCO roll bar for safety
* CRISCO shortening for greasing pans
* COILOVER suspension
* REAR member bushings
* D-MAX D1 front tension arms
* D-MAX D1 rear camber arms
* D-MAX D1 rear toe arms
* D-MAX front LED lights
* D-BO bully from the Friday movies
* ETC automated highway toll system
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* NISMO thermostat
* HID headlight kit
* VERTEX aero kit
* NARDI steering wheel
* PERFORMANCE air cleaner
* PERFORMANCE exhaust (tip dented)
* CUSTOM shift knob (bubble lever type)
* CUSTOM floormats (checkered pattern)
* INSPECTION passable if change bumper lights
* TINTED windows
* FACTORY striped “180SX” logo seats
* CLEAN exterior
* CLEAN interior
* CLEAN engine bay
* REAR seats still intact
* SUBWOOFER will be removed
* CST bronze 17×9 wheels
* FEDERAL RSR front tires (50% tread)
* KENDA KR20A rear tires (90% tread)
* NOTHING in my sandwhich (100% bread)

* JPY 500,000
* At today’s exchange rate, that’s about:
* USD 4,520
* CAD 5,980
* AUD 6,120
* NZD 6,680
* EUR 3,870
* GBP 3,430
* PLN 16,950
* SGD 6,160
* MYR 18,240
* THB 149,510
* PHP 240,970
* IDR 64,533,540

* We translated this info from a REAL published advertisement in Japan
* Info/photos credit: jdljapaneseimports @ Yahoo Japan, Leung Cho Pan
* For even more details/photos, the original listing is here
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1978 Nissan Skyline GT-EX SR20DET

FOTD 2018.6.22 (Skyline Japan SR20)

* SR20DET swap 5speed manual RWD turbo
* FORGED & balanced 87mm pistons
* TURBO spec balanced connecting rods
* BALANCED crankshaft
* HEAVYDUTY 1.2mm metal gasket
* PORT and polished cylinder head
* PERFORMANCE mild high-cams
* PERFORMANCE slide cam pulleys
* HEAVYDUTY single valve springs
* SOLID type valve lifters
* S14 Silvia ball-bearing turbo
* CAT for inspection purposes included
* GREDDY ProFec B Spec2 boost controller
* CURRENTLY boost set at 1.2
* RUBBERSOUL exhaust
* SILVIA spec intercooler (modified)
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

1994 Nissan 180SX Sil-Eighty no drift tax

FOTD 2018.6.4 (blue sileighty s13)* SR20DET 2.0L turbo 5MT RWD
* NO major modifications
* S13 Silvia front conversion
* FULL aero kit (front/sides/rear)
* BODY excellent
* BNR34 Bayside Blue full repaint
* EVEN door jambs are painted
* BLITZ blow-off valve
* PERFORMANCE air intake
* UPGRADED exhaust
* LOWERED sports suspension
* SLOTTED rotors
* 17INCH 5-star wheels
* GREDDY boost gauge
* JACK points superb condition
* JACK and jill went up a hill Continue reading

Daily JDM Word: Ichi-Go!

WOTD 2018.4.7 (ichigo)Today’s word イチゴ/ICHI-GO is comprised of イチ/ICHI (one) and ゴ/GO (five), and refers to the S15 generation (1999-2002) of the Silvia line.  Similarly, previous Silvias and some other popular tuning vehicles also have nicknames based on the numbers in their chassis codes.
Silvia S13 イチサン/ICHI-SAN (one three)
Silvia S14 イチヨン/ICHI-YON (one four)
Skyline R32 サン二/SAN-NI (three two)
Skyline R33… Continue reading

1998 Nissan 180SX RPS13 Kouki

FOTD 2018.4.6 (white 180sx)* FACTORY full aero kit (F/R/S/W)
* CARBON hood w/ pins
* RAYS Volk Racing GTO Forged 2pc wheels
* WIDE tread spacers
* KENDA Kaiser KA20 215/45-17 front
* NANKANG NS-2R 215/45-17 rear
* DIXCEL ExtraSpeed brake pads
* 5ZIGEN exhaust manifold
* FACTORY cat intact
* KAKIMOTO FullMega-N1 exhaust
* MOMO custom steering wheel
* POPO nickname for police Continue reading

Daily JDM Word: Maru-Meh!

WOTD 2018.3.27 (marume) FIN

Today’s word 丸目/MARU-MEH (round headlight) is comprised of the characters 丸/MARU (round) and 目/MEH (eye), often used as a nickname for such cars including the New Age/Bug-Eye Impreza, as well as the early DC2 Integra.

MARU-MEH written:
* in Kanji (丸目)
* in Hiragana (まるめ)
* in Katakana (マルメ)

Other related words include:
涙目/NAMIDA-MEH = Tear Eye (e.g. Blobeye Impreza)
鷹目/TAKA-MEH = Hawk Eye (e.g. Hawkeye Impreza)
横目/YOKO-MEH = Side/Long Light (e.g. Kouki DC2 Integra)
4灯/YON-TOH = Four Light (e.g. Zenki DC2 Integra)
6灯/ROKU-TOH = Six Light (e.g. Dangun DC2 Integra)

BTW: the Casablanca Impreza also has some MARU-MEH…they were not popular and are sometimes sold for next to nothing…like this example, which is probably the cheapest “Good Buy or Goodbye” we’ve found so far!

1996 Nissan 180SX widebody Sil-eighty

FOTD 2018.2.27 (S13 widebody ) 3 FINAL* SR20DET (unmodified), 5spd manual
* FRONT mount intercooler
* HKS air intake
* CUSTOM blow-off valve
* UPGRADED radiator
* RADIATOR cooling panel
* CUSTOM front pipe
* CUSTOM welded straight exhaust
* ENKEI wheels f:16×8, r:16×7
* COILOVER suspension
* 5LUG conversion
* HUBS in front from S14
* HUBS in rear from S15
* HUBS affectionate name for husband
* ONLY 156,000km/96,930mi actual
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

1993 Nissan 180SX Type-X

FOTD 2017.9.21 (180sx black ) FINAL* SR20DET  (pulls a premium a week before RaceWars)
* URAS transmission mounts
* R32 fuel pump
* NISMO tension rods
* GAB coilovers
* PIVOT half-eye light kit
* INTEGRA Type-R wheels
* 20MM wide tread spacers
* BLITZ oil pressure gauge
* BLITZ oil temp gauge
* BLITZ boost gauge
* BLITZ the quarterback
* TECHTOM multi-display monitor MDM100
* ZENKI factory lip (CA)
* CHUUKI factory sideskirts
* CUSTOM rear bumper half-spoiler
* FRP lightweight hood
* KH3 factory black paint Continue reading

1994 Nissan 180SX budget drift car

FOTD 2017.3.22 (Orange 180sx) FINAL
* HKS GTSS turbine
* KOYO aluminum radiator
* CUSTOM intercooler
* CUSTOM reserve tank
* ELECTRIC fan with on/off switch control
* APEXi boost gauge
* BLITZ water temp gauge
* YASHIO water temp gauge
* COILOVER suspension
* CUSCO rear support bar
* CUSCO front/rear tower bars
* COSTCO sells many candy bars Continue reading