1994 Nissan Silvia K’s Millenium Jade turbo

FOTD 2018.11.02 (s14) kouki millenium jade
* SR20DET engine, 5spd manual
* HKS FCON SZ computer
* S15 turbo
* S15 injectors
* FACTORY wastegate
* Z32 airflow meter
* FRONT mount intercooler
* HKS mushroom intake
* KOUKI lights
* BLITZ boost gauge
* AUTOGAUGE water temp meter
* AUTOGAUGE oil pressure gauge
* NICOLASCAGE is a movie actor Continue reading

1978 Nissan Skyline GT-EX SR20DET

FOTD 2018.6.22 (Skyline Japan SR20)

* SR20DET swap 5speed manual RWD turbo
* FORGED & balanced 87mm pistons
* TURBO spec balanced connecting rods
* BALANCED crankshaft
* HEAVYDUTY 1.2mm metal gasket
* PORT and polished cylinder head
* PERFORMANCE mild high-cams
* PERFORMANCE slide cam pulleys
* HEAVYDUTY single valve springs
* SOLID type valve lifters
* S14 Silvia ball-bearing turbo
* CAT for inspection purposes included
* GREDDY ProFec B Spec2 boost controller
* CURRENTLY boost set at 1.2
* RUBBERSOUL exhaust
* SILVIA spec intercooler (modified)
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

Daily JDM Word: Ichi-Go!

WOTD 2018.4.7 (ichigo)Today’s word イチゴ/ICHI-GO is comprised of イチ/ICHI (one) and ゴ/GO (five), and refers to the S15 generation (1999-2002) of the Silvia line.  Similarly, previous Silvias and some other popular tuning vehicles also have nicknames based on the numbers in their chassis codes.
Silvia S13 イチサン/ICHI-SAN (one three)
Silvia S14 イチヨン/ICHI-YON (one four)
Skyline R32 サン二/SAN-NI (three two)
Skyline R33… Continue reading

1999 Nissan Silvia clean turbo swap

FOTD 2018.3.12 (s15 grey) FINAL* TRUST coilover suspension
* FRONT mount intercooler
* BLITZ air cleaner
* S15 turbo w/ HKS actuator
* S14 engine swap
* S14 transmission swap
* THERMAL wrapped exhaust manifold
* CUSTOM turbo outlet
* SKYLINE brake rotors
* SKYLINE front brakes
* SKYLINE rear brakes
* ENDLESS brake hosing
* PAINTED brake calipers
* NISMO heavy duty clutch
* LIMITED slip diff
* CUSCO front tower bar
* CUSCO rear tower bar
* NEW tires (less than 1,000km) Continue reading

2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-S G-package

FOTD 2017.6.14 (Nissan Silvia S15 black) FINAL* WEDS Kranze Ratzinger 18inch wheels
* F:8J 205/35, R: 9J 225/40
* GPSPORTS G-Master S14-spec coilovers
* DMAX heavy-duty tie rods
* HR34 factory diff assembly (welded)
* FINAL gearing 4.3
* CUSTOM dual exhaust
* BAFFLE in exhaust system
* WAFFLE on breakfast plate
* CUSTOM aero kit f/r/s
* DMAX trunk spoiler
* STEEL wheel nuts (long-type)
* CUSTOM shift knob
* FLOORMATS installed
* WHITE face gauges
* SMOKED window tint (full black)
* SMOKED aftermarket taillights (LED)
* SMOKED sidemarker lenses
* SMOKED weed so high now Continue reading