1993 Nissan Skyline GTS-25t & bonus car!

FOTD 2018.5.10 (two skylines r33) text box
* BLITZ D-SBC boost controller
* BLITZ R-VIT data display
* BLITZ the quarterback
* KAKIMOTO computer
* CERAMIC blade turbine
* FRONT mount intercooler
* PERFORMANCE oil cooler
* IRIDIUM spark plugs
* CUSTOM front tension rods
* 80SUPRA spec rotors
* S15SILVIA spec calipers
* COILOVER suspension
* BILSTEIN springs (F:8k, R:6k)
* 5ZIGEN exhaust Continue reading


Daily JDM Word: Ichi-Go!

WOTD 2018.4.7 (ichigo)Today’s word イチゴ/ICHI-GO is comprised of イチ/ICHI (one) and ゴ/GO (five), and refers to the S15 generation (1999-2002) of the Silvia line.  Similarly, previous Silvias and some other popular tuning vehicles also have nicknames based on the numbers in their chassis codes.
Silvia S13 イチサン/ICHI-SAN (one three)
Silvia S14 イチヨン/ICHI-YON (one four)
Skyline R32 サン二/SAN-NI (three two)
Skyline R33… Continue reading

Daily JDM Word: Kajyuu-Idoh!

WOTD kaijyuuidoh FINToday’s word: 荷重移動/KAJYUU-IDOH, is comprised of the words 荷重/KAJYUU (weight/load) and 移動/IDOH (transfer/shift).  During 減速/GENSOKU (deceleration), especially when フルブレーキング/FURU-BUREIKINGU (full braking) is applied, the weight of the vehicle will drastically shift towards the フロント/FURONTO (front).  On the other hand (you have different fingers), the weight will naturally shift to the リア/RIA (rear) during  加速/KASOKU (acceleration), and more prominently so if the アクセル/AKUSERU (gas pedal) is at 全開/ZENKAI (full throttle).

KAJYUU-IDOU written:
* in Katakana = カジュウイドウ
* in Hiragana = かじゅういどう
* in Kanji = 荷重移動

** Be careful not to confuse KAJYUU with KAIJYUU, which are giant and destructive  monsters/beasts such as Godzilla, Mothra, King Kong, etc.

What JDM words do YOU want to learn? Let us know!

Daily JDM Word: Maru-Meh!

WOTD 2018.3.27 (marume) FIN

Today’s word 丸目/MARU-MEH (round headlight) is comprised of the characters 丸/MARU (round) and 目/MEH (eye), often used as a nickname for such cars including the New Age/Bug-Eye Impreza, as well as the early DC2 Integra.

MARU-MEH written:
* in Kanji (丸目)
* in Hiragana (まるめ)
* in Katakana (マルメ)

Other related words include:
涙目/NAMIDA-MEH = Tear Eye (e.g. Blobeye Impreza)
鷹目/TAKA-MEH = Hawk Eye (e.g. Hawkeye Impreza)
横目/YOKO-MEH = Side/Long Light (e.g. Kouki DC2 Integra)
4灯/YON-TOH = Four Light (e.g. Zenki DC2 Integra)
6灯/ROKU-TOH = Six Light (e.g. Dangun DC2 Integra)

BTW: the Casablanca Impreza also has some MARU-MEH…they were not popular and are sometimes sold for next to nothing…like this example, which is probably the cheapest “Good Buy or Goodbye” we’ve found so far!

1999 Nissan Silvia clean turbo swap

FOTD 2018.3.12 (s15 grey) FINAL* TRUST coilover suspension
* FRONT mount intercooler
* BLITZ air cleaner
* S15 turbo w/ HKS actuator
* S14 engine swap
* S14 transmission swap
* THERMAL wrapped exhaust manifold
* CUSTOM turbo outlet
* SKYLINE brake rotors
* SKYLINE front brakes
* SKYLINE rear brakes
* ENDLESS brake hosing
* PAINTED brake calipers
* NISMO heavy duty clutch
* LIMITED slip diff
* CUSCO front tower bar
* CUSCO rear tower bar
* NEW tires (less than 1,000km) Continue reading

1996 Nissan 180SX widebody Sil-eighty

FOTD 2018.2.27 (S13 widebody ) 3 FINAL* SR20DET (unmodified), 5spd manual
* FRONT mount intercooler
* HKS air intake
* CUSTOM blow-off valve
* UPGRADED radiator
* RADIATOR cooling panel
* CUSTOM front pipe
* CUSTOM welded straight exhaust
* ENKEI wheels f:16×8, r:16×7
* COILOVER suspension
* 5LUG conversion
* HUBS in front from S14
* HUBS in rear from S15
* HUBS affectionate name for husband
* ONLY 156,000km/96,930mi actual
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert) Continue reading

1999 Nissan Silvia Aero SR20DET swap

FOTD 2018.1.22 (S15 grey)* SR20DET swap
* 6MT swap
* ENGINE super healthy
* PROBABLY tracked before (truth, bro)
* FRONTMOUNT intercooler
* UPGRADED radiator
* CUSTOM diff
* CUSCO coilover suspensiion
* WORK Emotion 18inch wheels
* PERFORMANCE intake (probably HKS)
* SOME paint fade (weight reduction, bro)
* POWERFUL acceleration
* IDLING stable
* BOOST strong Continue reading

1994 Nissan Silvia RB25DET drift car

FOTD 2017.9.18 (S14 silvia pink track) FINAL* R34 Skyline RB25DET Neo engine swap
* RB25 spec transmission
* RB26 throttle body
* RB26 intake manifold
* APEXI Power FC computer
* DRIVESHAFTSHOP 1pc steel propellor shaft
* HPI intercooler
* HPI 80mm exhaust sounds good
* HP printer ink refills are expensive
* HYBRIDPERFORMANCE wastegate 44mm/14psi springs
* HOLSET turbine H1C 12cm rear housing
* BLITZ 550cc high-flow injectors
* ISR Z32 spec airflow
* HKS air cleaner
* 80MM straight cat
* GREDDY RZ blow-off valve
* HKS timing belt
* ECR33 Skyline front member Continue reading

1996 Nissan Silvia Aero K’s Dorikin signature

FOTD 2017.6.22 (nissan silvia s14 drift king signed) FINAL* AUTOGRAPHED by Keiichi Tsuchiya!!
* AKA the Drift King
* YASHIOFACTORY copper two-row radiator
* YASHIOFACTORY radiator cap
* HKS engine oil cooler
* ARC engine oil filter
* ARC large-capacity oil pan
* FACTORY aero kit
* CUSCO 1-way LSD
* CHAIN-type timing belt
* BNR34 factory fuel pump
* Z32 factory fuel filter
* APEXi air cleaner
* APEXi aluminum suction pipe
* WAKO’S MT oil
* CUSCO diff oil
* HKS 10W-50 oil Continue reading

2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-S G-package

FOTD 2017.6.14 (Nissan Silvia S15 black) FINAL* WEDS Kranze Ratzinger 18inch wheels
* F:8J 205/35, R: 9J 225/40
* GPSPORTS G-Master S14-spec coilovers
* DMAX heavy-duty tie rods
* HR34 factory diff assembly (welded)
* FINAL gearing 4.3
* CUSTOM dual exhaust
* BAFFLE in exhaust system
* WAFFLE on breakfast plate
* CUSTOM aero kit f/r/s
* DMAX trunk spoiler
* STEEL wheel nuts (long-type)
* CUSTOM shift knob
* FLOORMATS installed
* WHITE face gauges
* SMOKED window tint (full black)
* SMOKED aftermarket taillights (LED)
* SMOKED sidemarker lenses
* SMOKED weed so high now Continue reading