* 2001 Honda S2000 Type-V Spoon Suspension

FOTD 2018.6.14 (Spoon S2000 yellow)* SPOON lowering sport springs
* SPOON tower bar for handling
* SPOON used to eat cereal
* INDY Yellow Pearl exterior
* 6SPEED manual transmission
* AERO rear spoiler
* AERO front spoiler
* AERO plane another name for airplane
* FACTORY Kouki bumper
* PERFORMANCE exhaust (titanium?)
* ONLY just 183,120km/113,790mi actual
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* CUSTOM horn (+15hp) Continue reading


1996 Honda Integra Type-R Spoon’d

FOTD 2018.4.4 (yellow ITR)* DOHC 1.8L VTEC (yo)
* UNMODIFIED factory engine
* MUGEN air cleaner
* 98SPEC final gearing
* TODA racing metal clutch kit
* RAYS Volk TE37 f:8J, r:7J
* CUSCO Zero-3 coilovers
* ALUMINUM wide-type 2-row radiator
* FRONT tower bar
* REAR tower bar
* SIDE tower bar (you reading? just checking)
* MUGEN Active Gate brake system
* 6POINT roll bar for safety
* 11POINT font for biz documents
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1997 Honda Integra Type-R

FOTD 2018.2.16 (97 Integra Type R)
* DOHC 1.8L VTEC (yo)
* KTS coilover suspension
* SPOON center pipe
* SPOON rear window decal (+15hp)
* PERFORMANCE exhaust manifold
* TOYO Proxes R1R high-grip tires
* TOWER bar
* UPGRADED radiator cap
* UPGRADED green valve cover
* 35φ deep type steering wheel
* MESH brake hosing
* SPC front upper arms
* FENDER housed support bracing bar
* NGK plug cords
* 5ZIGEN (probably) exhaust manifold
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
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2000 Honda Integra Type-R the final

* SPOON lip spoiler
* FACTORY sideskirts
* FACTORY optional rear under aero
* CROWHOUSE front fenders (widened)
* FLARED rear fenders
* ROLLED rear fenders
* 98SPEC rear bumper
* J’S racing GT wing (street legal)
* OMP Corsica steering wheel
* TECHNICA seat rails
* DEFI aux. meters
* APEXi speedometer
* PIONEER Carrozzeria audio tuner
* MODIFIED interior lighting (+15hp gain) Continue reading