Word of the Day: Suu-Chaa

Daily Japanese lesson! What do YOU want to learn?

Today’s word: スーパーチャージャー (suu-paa-chaa-jyaa) actually is the official term, but since it’s so fricckin’ long to say/write, some people simply shorten it.

WOTD 3.12.2018 (supercharger) VER 2


2003 Subaru R2 supercharged

FOTD 2017.9.28 (Subaru R2 blue SC) FINAL* SUPERCHARGED & intercooled kei engine
* ESPILIR sport lowered suspension
* R1 factory 6-spoke alloy wheels
* PRISM blue metallic
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* SPARE tire intact
* AWESOME torque
* FAST acceleration
* EASILY can compete with Fits/Swifts/similar
* AWESOME fuel economy
* CURRENT owner bought from original owner
* CURRENT owner owned since Oct. 2016
* CURRENT owner had grand plans to modifiy
* CURRENT owner just bought another car
* CURRENT owner has no more funds for mods
* CURRENT a directional flow of water or air Continue reading

1988 Toyota MR2 G-Limited S/C

FOTD 2017.7.5 (MR2 white 2000USD) FINAL* 4A-GE 1.6L DOHC supercharged
* AE101 spec +05 oversized pistons
* ARC intercooler
* TOMEI 264/264 cams
* TBS large diameter pulley
* AE101 compressor
* 12 hole injectors
* FREEDOM computer
* ENNEPETAL coilovers
* HYPERCO springs 5k/7k
* CUSTOM front stabilizer
* UPGRADED factory rear stabilizer
* TRD diff
* FULL pillow type suspension
* APN rear pillow tie rod ends
* UNITE 60Φ exhaust, 76Φoutlet
* SPARE driveshaft included
* SPARE FRP trunk included
* CUSCO air bypass valve
* CUSCO PowerBall headers
* COSTCO wholesale warehouse Continue reading

1998 Subaru Vivio RX-SS supercharged

FOTD 2017.5.26 (Subaru Vivo WRBlue) FINAL* DOHC 660cc inline 4 kei
* INTERCOOLED supercharger
* WORLDRALLY Blue repaint
* CARBON vented hood
* MODIFIED front bumper with intake
* FRONT cannards added to bumper
* COILOVER suspension
* 6SPEED sport transmission
* REAR brakes changed to disc setup (road-legal)
* CUSTOM exhaust with center pipe
* CUSTOM exhaust manifold
* IGNITION controller
* PLASMA booster
* SUPERCHARGER pulleys (small diameter)
* INTERCOOLER changed to A-type
* TRANSMISSION cooler installed
* CUSCO tower bar
* VIVIO name means 660  (Roman numerals)
Continue reading

1999 Toyota Altezza 6MT Blitz Supercharger

FOTD 2016.4.12 (Toyota Altezza Supercharged) FINAL* 2.0L, RWD, 6MT, Supercharged
* BLITZ supercharger (good response)
* BLITZ computer
* BLITZ front mount intercooler
* BLITZ the quarterback
* GPSPORTS Exas exhaust
* CUSTOM heavy-duty clutch
* KAYABA susupension
* PRODRIVE GC-06D 17×7.5J wheels
* TODA racing manifold
* TODA lightened flywheel
* YODA Jedi Master Continue reading