1993 Nissan Skyline GTS-25t & bonus car!

FOTD 2018.5.10 (two skylines r33) text box
* BLITZ D-SBC boost controller
* BLITZ R-VIT data display
* BLITZ the quarterback
* KAKIMOTO computer
* CERAMIC blade turbine
* FRONT mount intercooler
* PERFORMANCE oil cooler
* IRIDIUM spark plugs
* CUSTOM front tension rods
* 80SUPRA spec rotors
* S15SILVIA spec calipers
* COILOVER suspension
* BILSTEIN springs (F:8k, R:6k)
* 5ZIGEN exhaust Continue reading


Word of the Day: Mizo Otoshi

WOTD 3.13.2018 (mizo otoshi) FIN

Daily Japanese lesson! What do YOU want to learn?

Today: 溝(mizo: gutter/ditch), 落とし(otoshi: drop). A driving technique made famous by Initial D, in which Takumi drops a tire into a ditch on the side of the road in order to whip his car around a corner faster than otherwise possible. (unfortunately not depicted in photo).

1995 Toyota Supra RZ-S 700HP?

FOTD 2018.3.08 (supra 80 orange) FINAL
* ONLY just 42,600km / 26,470mi actual!
* 2JZ turbo, Getrag 6MT
* BUILT by HKS-related shop
* HKS t51R turbo kit
* HKS gold pro controller
* BLITZ boost gauge
* CUSTOM turbo piping
* COILOVER suspension
* ENKEI RPF-1 wheels
* F:18x10J, R: 18×10.5J
* NO accident history
* REASON for selling: owner needs money
* CONDITION is mint!
* INTERIOR is mint!
* TOOTHPASTE usually mint!
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2000 Toyota Aristo Vertex Edition V

FOTD 2018.2.20 (toyota aristo vertex black)* 2JZ-GTE twin turbo, 3.0L,  RWD
* HKS intercooler
* HKS boost controller
* CUSTOM engine oil cooler
* CUSTOM transmission oil cooler
* HKS racing suction
* SARD fuel regulator
* TOM’S Super SQV IV
* BEE-R rev limiter
* SUPRA front calipers
* ALTEZZA rear calipers
* TOM’S exhaust
* WATER bypass kit
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* ONLY just 98,470km/61,190mi actual Continue reading

1995 Toyota Supra SZ manual & clean

FOTD 2017.5.29 (grey 80 supra) FINAL* YOKOHAMA AVS VS5 18inch wheels
* TEIN coilover suspension
* HKS exhaust
* HID headlights
* MOMO steering wheel
* TRUST shift knob
* BRIDE full bucket seat (driver’s)
* BRIDE semi bucket seat (passenger’s)
* WILLANS seat belts
* APEXi water temp gauge
* APEXi oil temp gauge
* APEXi oil pressure gauge
* APEXi gauges mounted in dash
* CARBON esque gauge bezel trim
* CUSTOM oil catch tank
* STAINLESS mesh clutch hose
* STAINLESS mesh brake hose
* 20CELSIOR front calipers
* 20CELSIOR front rotors Continue reading

1992 Toyota Supra 2.5 turbo R

FOTD 2017.3.08 (yellow a70 supra) FINAL.png* TEIN coilovers (brand new)
* LED converted foglights
* 300KM/H speedometer
* LEXUS IS factory wheels
* DIY wheel paint (urethane gunmetal)
* WINTER tires
* C’S quick shift kit
* ENGINE start button
* BLITZ exhaust (good sound)
* GREDDY BOOST controller
* GREDDY boost gauge dash imbedded
* VOLTMETER gauge dash imbedded
* BOOST gauge not working properly Continue reading