2001 Subaru Impreza sports wagon AWD

FOTD 2018.8.15 (impreza bug)* 5SPEED manual transmission
* ONLY just 89,000km/55,300mi actual
* CUSCO Vacanza coilovers
* BRIDGESTONE Potenza RE003 205/55
* ADVAN Racing 16×7.5J wheels
* CUSTOM rear bumper
* CUSTOM aero sideskirts
* WRX foglights
* MORETTI headlights
* RAZO shift knob
* ROADLEGAL (has valid “sha-ken” cert)
* NANKANG studless winter tires included
* LIUKANG best all-around MK fighter? Continue reading

Word of the Day: Subarist

WOTD 3.16.2018 (subarist) FIN 2

Daily Japanese lesson!
Today: スバリスト(Subarist), is a term coined by Subaru themselves, and was publicly introduced during the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013. This term is defined quite elaborately on Subaru’s official website, and it goes far beyond meaning simply a “Subaru fan” (though written as such in the image due to space constraint). Subaru wishes the public to understand the company’s carbuilding passion behind the creation of their vehicles. In turn, the company is aware that Subaru owners are truly a special breed who
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1999 Subaru Impreza WRX GF-GC8

FOTD 2017.8.30 (Impreza WRX sti grey GC) FINAL.png
* 2.0L, intercooled turbo, 5MT AWD
* STI lowering springs
* STI heavy duty front upper mounts
* STI front dampers
* KYB SR rear dampers
* BABY needs pampers
* GDA 17inch wheels
* PINSO 205/45 tires
* SANYO 2DIN memory navigation
* AIRBAG cancelling steering boss
* PERSONAL steering wheel
* CUSTOM clear side markers
* AUX boost gauge
* CUSTOM horn
* STI Ver.6 meter panel
* STI Ver.6 meters
* IRIDIUM plugs
* FUEL filter replaced
* FUEL pump replaced Continue reading

2005 Subaru Impreza WRX blob wagon

FOTD 2017.5.15 (Impreza Blob wagon) FINAL

* 2.0L turbo AWD 5MT
* WORLDRALLY Blue Mica factory exterior
* ONLY just 95,000km/59,030mi actual
* CORAZON front bumper
* CUSCO Street Zero-A full-range coilovers
* CUSCO tower bar with cylinder stopper
* CUSTOM exhaust (good sound)
* SPARCO semi bucket driver’s seat
* FRONT driveshaft replaced
* A/F sensor recently replaced
* O2 sensor recently replaced
* HID lighiting conversion
* CUSTOM rear spoiler Continue reading